Could Fasting Help You Burn More Fat?

Eat Fast Eat

This is a method for getting your hormones to really boost your fat loss on the first day of your training week.

Great results from this method – but it is a task ( you need to be able to give a day to this effort)

So it goes like this…
Saturday – Normal day as far as food goes (train if you want to)
Have your Dirty meal (fat, carbs, alcohol) eat late and note the time.
Sunday – Water, green tea and your usual supplements today.
Sleep in, take a long bath, pamper etc don’t expect to do much activity
24hrs from your meal on Saturday have a protein shake
About 20 minutes later have a really good meal (normal carbs)
Monday – Normal eating day
Your fat loss will be fantastic today as your growth hormones will be much higher than normal.

Campers have had great results with this fat loss trick…… try it.


Jax Allen
Program Director
Fitness Solutions UK

Created on 05/09/2010 18:17 Eat Fast Eat

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