Green Tea is it a wonder?

Can Green Tea Increase Improve Blood Sugar Control?
A recently published study in the Nutrition Journal studied whether or not green tea may boost a feeling of fullness and if it also blood sugar levels.

The researchers from Lund University in Sweden found that in this study the overall sensation of satiety was increased more after a meal accompanied by green tea than after a meal that was accompanied by water.

There have been numerous studies conducted with green tea and it is because of its health promoting effects and its compounds. These compounds are called catechins and have powerful anti oxidative properties and have a possible role in preventing some cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Some research has suggested that there is a possible link between green tea consumption and diabetes risk. It has been theorized that drinking green tea may provide modest benefits for glucose control and insulin sensitivity.

Most of these results have been found in animals and haven’t been able to be duplicated consistently with humans.

This study here according to the researchers is the first study to examine the effect of green tea on both glucose metabolism and satiety (fullness) after the ingestion of a meal.

What they were looking at in this study was to determine if eating a regular meal and green tea would lower post meal glucose levels, the glycemic index of the meal and insulin levels.

The second objective was to establish whether consumption of a regular meal including green tea increased fullness.

What the researchers found was that there were no significant difference in serum insulin levels or insulin. They also observed no difference in glucose levels or glycemic index between the green tea meal and the control meal.

What they did find was that those participants who consumed the meal with green tea felt fuller after the meal and did not feel like consuming more food. Whereas the participants with the same meal except it included water felt like eating more food after the reference meal.

It is believed that the green tea contributed to a stronger fullness sensation.

The message from this research study for us is that it appears that green tea does not manipulate insulin or glucose levels of meals, but that it may help you eat less overall food throughout the day. It may make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and reduce unnecessary snacking.

So find a green tea mix or blend that you like – maybe start with a fruit based one and as your taste adjusts – about 14 days – swap to hits of the pure stuff!!

Jax Allen © 29/12/10

p.s I’ve found that green tea will gradually change your taste so you don’t crave sweet foods as much…. jax

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