The 100 Club – Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Here is where I would like you to write down your goals and set your targets.

Before joining , I would like you to take time to think and dream about what you would like get out of this plan and your life.

Goal Setting Nuggets

Create a set of clearly defined goals. This is the first major step to achieving your dreams, hopes and ambitions. Study after study shows that individuals who write down and picture how they want life to be obtain the goals they so desire.

Believe your goals! Act and think as if you have already attained and received them!

Be specific and clear about your goals!

Adopt a positive mind set, brush negative thoughts and feelings away. Don’t dwell or focus on negative vibes, feelings or thoughts. You have the power to change your thinking!

Be happy now! You have taken an amazing step forward – be excited! View this experience with me as an adventure not as a boring diet plan! You will be going through this with many other woman. You are going to feel energized, focused and empowered!

Write down and be descriptive and clear:

My perfect weight is

My body will look like (describe your ideal shape, muscle tone,)

My energy levels will be

My mind set is

Next write down everything you hope to get out of this program






If you would like to share these goals with me – please do.

You should now feel excited and elated knowing you are going to achieve your dreams and you can turn the above points into reality!

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