The 100 Club –

The 100 Club Food Diary

Maintaining an honest and accurate journal of everything you eat and drink is the key to your fat loss success. Record the times you eat, how you feel at the time and after you have eaten.

Some find taking photos of every meal and snack on their camera phone useful.

With the use of the diary we will be able to track negative eating patterns that you have built up over time without even realising it.

Logging you food intake is CRUCIAL to the success of the plan.

Also log where you eat your food and who with.

Take your time to fill in the diary each day not missing anything out.

Log how much you eat, the portion size.

Ensure you take the time to fill in your diary every day.

Good Luck!

Print one of for each day

Date Time What did you eat How did you feel before eating? How did you feel after eating? Portions size Who did you eat with and where? Notes

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