What is THE 100 CLUB ?

Welcome to the 100 Club. 100 Days of advice, support and ideas to find an eating plan that will work for you. Recipe ideas, quizzes, eating plans and daily tips all to keep you focused and reaching your body transformation goals This plan is not a nutritional manual nor is it a substitute for medical guidance, this is a program is designed for the apparently healthy adult, therefore if you in any doubt please speak to you GP before commencing on this plan.


After being in the fitness industry for the last 25 years I have seen many faddy diets and eating regimes come and go. Many of my own class members appear to be constantly “dieting”, many see results in the short term but pile the weight back on as soon as they stop, and revert back to how they ate before embarking on the diet.

Throughout the year there are always a percentage of my clients, my friends and even family attending slimming clubs and groups. Every day I come into contact with someone counting points or calories and depending on the designated diet day color, combining or rotating food groups.

The media bombards us with mixed messages of which food is good, bad, healthy, high GI, low GI, healthy options, low salt etc, etc, etc. Trawl the internet and you can find research for and against every single nutritional plan, and diet concept imaginable.

Celebrities promote all kinds of eating regimes and crazy nutritional ideas, many of which may work in the short term, but inevitably power the weight plus more, back on, and do nothing to address eating habits in the long term.


There are a handful of plans out there that go right back to basics and remove all of the foods that the body treats as toxic and replace all food with only wholesome, organic and nutritional support as possible. This new wave of diets is gaining more and more momentum with respected personal trainers and weight loss specialists as the news spreads.

Over the next 9-12 days you will be removing all of the toxic foods which overwhelm the body. You will be eating natural and wholesome and eliminating so called toxic foods.

There is a small downside: you may feel a bit shaky or even rough for the few days but break through that tiny barrier and I guarantee you will become leaner, slimmer, have more energy and vitality then ever before!

Before We Kick Off

Can I just stress a few VERY IMPORTANT POINTS?

This is all or nothing! Cheating is not allowed.

Give it 100% or you’re not with me!

You have to follow this exactly
– Not ”I’ll follow it today but I’m out tonight so I’m OK to have wine” – NO NO AND NO!!!!

– “Im feeling pre menstrual so I need a “sweet fix” – that’s a no-no too!!

This is no cheat day, treat day or sweet day.

– “I’ll start this nice and slow!” – No you’ve tried that before- did it work – NO that’s why you’re here now!

I want you to give it everything you have got.

Can you do that for me and yourself?

It’s up to you now. I hope you won’t cheat in any way otherwise you are wasting your time and effort and we won’t be able to see if the clean diet is really working for you.

In the first few days it may be difficult, you may not feel good because you are addicted to caffeine, sugar and processed food and you are going cold turkey!

Give it 3 or 4 days and you’ll smash through this phase.

After 2 days I was shaky, moody and was dreaming about granary bread!!!
How crazy is that!
For me after about a week I started to see a massive difference in my energy levels and vitality.


1. Clear out the fridge, pantry, freezer and kitchen of anything likely to cause you to ruin the plan.

2. Dump processed food, packaged, microwave dinners, frozen foods, ready meals – anything packaged containing E numbers.

3. Give away all bread, biscuits, cakes, breakfast cereals. Wheat and Gluten for many people are simply indigestible or place a large stress on the digestive system.

4. Throw out Dairy – milk, butter, cheese.

5. Alcohol – that includes wine and spritzers. Alcohol is a toxin your body has to work hard to detoxify your system, placing stress on the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.

6. Fizzy drinks, fizzy water included.

7. Sugar – all forms creates an insulin response. The more refined it is, the more rapid and aggressive the insulin response.

8. No chocolate, sweeties or confectionery, biscuits, muffins, cakes & snack bars too.

For the first 9 days treat all of the above foods as toxic and banned, you can add them slowly back into your diet one at a time after this period and see then how your body reacts.

Remember I’m going to list all of the foods that you can eat then you can choose when you eat them and what you eat them with.


What if you have a family or a partner who isn’t dieting with you?

That’s going to be tough.

Either get them to come on it with you or they will have to help you so don’t get weak and fall into eating any of the food on the toxic list. You will have to be extra tough if this applies to you.

Be Strong! Be aware of DETRACTORS – Don’t allow friends, work mates and family to sabotage your efforts.

The beauty of this diet is you design your own meals as long as you eat the food contained on the shopping list and nothing else.

This is a clean eating plan, getting rid of all processed foods that clog up the body and slow down your metabolism.

Make sure you a design a diet that has enough calories in it. Many people when beginning a plan like this will eliminate all of the processed carbs from their diet – which is great, but then neglect to replace those calories with proteins, fats and vegetables. DON’T GO HUNGRY.

If you are used to eating 60 – 70% of your total calories from carbs this is going to be a massive deficit and will backfire causing your metabolism to slow down, loss of lean muscle and generally feeling tired and lifeless.


Choose from the following foods:

Proteins – You must eat one every meal
Beef Chicken Duck Turkey
Lamb Liver Kidney Pork chop
Veal Bacon Shellfish/Shrimp Crab
Lobster Salmon Cod
Plaice Halibut/Turbot Hake
Bream Prawns Eggs
Haddock Mackerel Sea Bass

Carbohydrates – As much Green Veg as you can eat at every meal
Spinach Asparagus Cucumber Broccoli
Rocket Aubergine Squash/Gourds All leafy greens
Tomatoes Onion Kale Cabbage
Celery Mushrooms Peas Green Peppers
Green Beans Broad Beans Cauliflower Parsnips
Water Cress Avocado Bell Peppers

Fats – use freely to cook with – Use Coconut Oil to cook with, you can get this from Holland and Barrett – or even cheaper from Asian and Oriental Shops

Fruits – Only thin skinned berries
Strawberries Blackberries

Drinks – Always decaff, black (no milk) without sugar.
Water Green Tea Red Bush Tea Fruit teas White Tea

Get organic wherever possible and ensure veg is fresh, washed and peeled before you eat. Steam, grill, poach and lightly fry fish and meat.


Drink -A minimum of 2 – 4 litres of water per day. Filtered tap water is fine. To be accurate drink half your Kg weight in Ounces.

Eat Protein with every meal. This will help your body create lean tissue and increase metabolism and offset insulin fluctuations created by carbohydrate only meals, and really fill you up.

Eat regularly – No sooner than 2 hours but no longer than 4, 3 is ideal. This will ensure a steady supply of calories and nutrients are supplied to your body to aid weight reduction and prevent energy fluctuations.

Eat freely food on the Clean list – Never from the Avoid list.

Vary your foods every day. i.e one day eat chicken then next fish, the next turkey etc. Rotate your foods and don’t eat the same things every day this will prevent you getting fed up and bored.

Pay attention when you eat enjoy the taste, texture and quality of the food, don’t be distracted.

Drink as many cups of Green Tea, Red Bush Teas and Fruit Teas as required throughout the day. Green tea is known to speed up the metabolism.

Meal Ideas

Always eat meat and protein for breakfast so here are some examples
Steak and Eggs
Steak and Nuts
Bacon and Eggs –favourite scamble and add spinach, veggies, tomatoes, mushrooms Quick and filling.
Gammon and Eggs

You should always eat protein first thing in the morning.

Snack every 3 hours
6 – 10 nuts (not salted, roasted plain)
Protein shake
Boiled eggs

Meat and Veg

6 – 10 nuts
Berries in a little Live, Organic Plain Greek Yoghurt (never lo fat)

Meat and Veg

Don’t ever be hungry and eat as much veg as possible with every meal. If it runs, swims, flies or grows then its OK to eat .

You are getting all the carbs and fibre you need from vegetables – eat as many green veggies as possible.

I would like to wish you all of the very best.

I look to hearing about ans seeing your results very soon.

Jackie Allen Program Director Fitness Solutions Uk

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