Why Do I Feel So Tired?

Nutrition Update

Hi Campers,

Probably the most common question I am asked, especially by new campers, is what they should do about the slump in energy they feel week 2 or 3 of their plan. They feel really tired and don’t feel they will train very well.

This is completely normal as that maybe when your body is swapping over from Carb metabolism to Fat metabolism. The temptation is to drop your diet plan and binge on carbs, however this won’t get you where you want to be. It’s important that your body changes its preferred source of energy. This is when you’ll start to lose inches in a big way.
Certainly have your Dirty meal each week – but plan to avoid the craving for carbs.

Always have Clean non starchy alternatives in your fridge and larder. Berries, greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds.
Ensure you have your 25g of carbs with your breakfast and around your training sessions (ask for more details)

Eat often – 5 or 6 times every day. Plan your snacks.

Remember you can burn fat and build calorie hungry muscle.

You will drop more than 2lbs of ugly body fat every week.

So when you feel the slump – notice it and know that you are truly on your journey to the best body you’ve ever had.


Train Hard – Expect Success

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