Why Slow-Go Cardio is a No Go for Fat Loss

Why Slow – Go Cardio is a No – Go!!

If you’ve been coming to my bootcamp sessions you’ll know that I really rate metabolic resistance training (i.e. “cardio with weights), but I want to address something that slightly concerns me when I hear some of my clients talking about their other fitness activities.
Apparently, many people are still stuck doing long duration, low-intensity cardiovascular exercise — yikes! Like running or jogging – whatever you call it – it’s long duration ( or at least you intend it to be) at a moderate intensity. You know the old ‘at a pace where you can sing or chat’ – I use that intensity with my Cardiac Support Group!
Here’s the deal: if you’re looking to achieve maximal benefit from the time you put into your workouts, long duration “slow-go” cardio is NOT the way to go, and for many , many reasons.
You’d get more benefit from relaxing, doing some Yoga or spending time with your friends and family!!

Here are my top 5:
1. Minimal calories burned — 45 minutes on the treadmill may burn a whopping 300 calories if you’re lucky, the equivalent of ONE TENTH of a pound of fat. Exercise ten hours a week and you might just lose a pound!
Which brings me to my next point:

2. Way too much time involved — I know how busy you are, you don’t have hours and hours to pour into working out each week. In fact, very rarely do I meet anyone with more than three hours a week to exercise, and you know what? That’s ALL you need.
Beyond that, slow-go cardio is:

3. BORING as hell — Sitting on an exercise bike or treadmill, staring at the wall or TV in front of you for 45-60 minutes? No thanks.
But perhaps even worse is the fact that slow-go cardio provides:

4. No prolonged metabolic benefit — Did you know that with higher intensity exercise it is possible to continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout? It’s true (some of you have heard me talk about After Burn in camps). But you know what else is true? Long duration, low intensity cardio provides virtually NO prolonged elevation in metabolism. In fact, with slow-go cardio, metabolism returns to baseline almost IMMEDIATELY following the exercise session.

And finally, the reason that trumps all the others:
5. Minimal fat loss — Minimal calories burned during the session and virtually no additional calories burned afterward = minimal, if any fat loss results. And let’s be honest, the only reason anyone is doing cardio is for the “result”.
So if slow-go cardio isn’t a great solution, what is?
Short duration, high-intensity exercise. Less time, faster results — THAT’S what it’s all about.
And keep in mind, “high intensity” is relative to you. I don’t care if you’re already in great shape or if you’re 40 lbs overweight, you can exercise safely with intensity.

So what about you? Are you ready to embraced the benefits of much shorter, higher intensity sessions? Email me for FREE Trial session- NOW – don’t miss out. 15/12/10 Jax Allen ©

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