Managing and Preventing Knee Pain

Managing and Preventing Knee Pain.

Do these exercises even if you have no pain but feel tight in your hips, ankles – perhaps you tend to land on your toes when you lunge forward or you find it hard to sit back in a squat.

1). Mobilise Hips
this means circling through your hips; bringing your hip up to your chest, and swinging your leg side to side across your body.

2). Mobilise Ankles
this means standing facing a wall and bending one knee at a time to push your knee towards the wall. When you can achieve this place a thin book under your toes and repeat.

Add these exercises into your warm up and repeat them on your non-training days.

3). Fire Up your Glutes
a) tie a resistance band around your ankles and take shuffle steps side to side for about a minute.

4). Active Release Therapy
a) foam roll the side of your thighs and lower legs
b) massage the same areas of your legs

5). Strengthen your Quads
Improve the strength of your thighs through lunges, squats. Fast and slow movements with added resistance.

6). Strengthen your Glutes
Improve control and strength of bottom as above.

7). Stretch Quads and Calves
Always after training, and as part of your non training day routine.

8). Always Always Always warm up
even if you feel warm, even if you’re used to exercise. Even if you think you’ll just take it ‘steady’ for the first few minutes instead. You need to mobilise joints, warm up your muscles and prepare fully for the work to follow.

9). Add some vertical jumps to your routine
The vertical jump is actually a great test and exercise to utilize. Jump up in the air and try to minimize the sound when you hit the ground. Land with soft knees, soft feet, and lower into a half squat to absorb the force. I’m not trying to make you into an elite athlete with this

10). Get your body in proper alignment!
Check your hip flexors are long
Check your quads ( the middle one) is long
If you think your quads are tight – ask for me how to check them…

11). Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

12). Take joint supporting supplements
like glucosamine with chondroitin, fish oils and anti-oxidents

13). Stretch your Hamstrings and calves
There you have it the way to look after your knees jax©

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