GOT MILK? To Soy or not to Soy……

Do you drink soy milk and eat other products that have soy in it?

Do you think it’s healthy for you or are you still confused on whether it may be harmful for to your body? Well you’re not alone because there seems to be some conflicting information out there about soy.

So I went to my favorite diet expert, who offered her opinion about soy.

Take it away –> I actually don’t think we should be eating soy at all Some people agree, some people don’t agree. The soy we have in this country is very different than the soy in Asia. We took the theory that Asians have done so well on soy and we brought that here to this country but Asians figured out that soy, without fermenting it, is actually very dangerous to the body and will create a lot of gastrointestinal distress. It will cause weight gain and adversely affect the thyroid.
So they figured that out and they developed a fermentation process which is their own processing of the soy and that’s what they make kempo and miso and soy sauce out of. So those are okay. But these tofu mix and soy milk and just about every vegetarian product contains tons of unfermented soy. This is actually affecting many people’s hormones, women and men included. It’s causing a lot of weight gain, a lot of stomach distress, by causing inflammation.

Many people come to me and say, “I’m eating so healthy I’m having fruits and vegetables and I’m eating a lot of soy.” And that’s when I cut the conversation off, right there because if it is this unfermented soy it’s very damaging to the body. It’s also very damaging to children because soy acts as a phytoestrogen in their body so your body sees it as estrogen. Giving your body more hormones than it needs, it’s not natural, especially for young, growing children. Little girls do not need an abundance of estrogen and neither does a little boy because it will really disrupt their own natural hormone levels. I really recommend that children are not given any unfermented soy.

And, if like most people, you’re trying to shed body fat – from stubborn areas (deposit sites controlled by specific hormones) avoid Soy and its bi-products. If this news is a shock to you – you need to ask more questions here…..

Great stuff. I hope you enjoyed the article and that it cleared up some of the confusion about soy.
Be aware that I don’t think Cows Milk is perfect either. No other species feeds on the milk of another…. Weird when you think of it that way.

Another argument for a protein based breakfast and herb or green tea ( black, with a little lemon, of course).

Jax© 24/3/11

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