No Carb Breakfasts

No Carb Breakfast
Want to get fitter and healthier by the day?
Kick start your day with a no carb breakfast.
……. Read on to know more …….
NOTE – by Carbs we’re talking Starches…. OK No way would I ever suggest you cut out al ‘Carbs’ as that would include fruits and veggies… just DAFT. Most people overeat due to the lack of nutrients in their diet…

· We’re talking about starchy carbohydrates, foods like breads, cereals, grains and pastries.
· If you eat too many of these there is every chance that you will gain body fat, and crave more and more of these carbs through the day. It’s starchy carbs that you should watch for a few reasons.
o One, we like the sweet taste of starches
o They give us a full feeling in our stomachs
o The energy which carbs provide is short lived and make you feel hungry again.
o These foods do not contain many nutrients so your body is continually searching for something more….
So, there is every possibility that you will overeat.
The following tips will help you get some great ideas on low starch breakfast recipes.

No Carb Breakfast Ideas

Eggs are quick and easy to make and also one of the no carbs option which you can have for your breakfast. You can have your eggs in different ways, scrambled, sunny side up, hard-boiled or as an omelette. You can add cheese, spinach, greens almost anything into the mix so that you can have a wide variety and avoid boredom

Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables are a perfect choice for no carbs breakfast foods. You can include mushrooms, peppers, bok choy (or Pak Choy) into an omelette. Other vegetables with minimum starches include cucumbers, celery and radishes. These can be eaten raw, made into smoothie by blending with water, ice and fruits into a healthy smoothie. The best fruits include berries, pears, citrus like grapefruit and tropical fruits like apricots, peaches and figs.

Another option for a no starchy carb breakfast can be Tree nuts like Walnuts, Pecans and Almonds. They have very minimal amount of starch and can be a very good addition to salads. You can have a handful and take them with yoghurt. You can have these raw, smoked or roasted to suit your every mood.

Meats like sausages, bacon and ham are favourite breakfast items. These are great, but there are other proteins that can be enjoyed like salmon, mushrooms, tuna, etc. These can be added into scrambled eggs, omelettes, and frittata or wrapped up in lettuce. These are healthy as well as delicious. Enjoy them without any pangs of guilt.

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