3 Rebel Tips for Fat Loss

3 Rebel Tips for Fat Loss

Einstein, Mozart, and Picasso were all rebels. Not that I’m putting myself
into their category of genius … but I love their approach to
life problems and reaching goals, revolutionary thought or lateral thinking.


This life it too short for anything less than being bold.

That means taking some risks here and there.
That means taking action while the others are content to sit on the couch being the same person they were yesterday.

And the day before…

And the month before…

And even the year before. Just like a haircut that has been the same since you were at school… its very easy to decide not to change.

Do you want to live your years like that?
Or do you want to dive into life?
Be the greatest “you” possible?

Then be a bit of a rebel.

Here’s some “rebel tips” for fatloss I think you’ll enjoy…

Flip The Food Pyramid Upside-down

The Food Pyramid is joke

Just think about this for a moment:

It suggests you to eat MORE starch than vegetables?
More bread than fruits, lean meats, and hormone-producing fats?


It makes more sense to turn it upside down….

It would look roughly like this:

40% of your cals from healthy fats
30% of your cals from protein
30% of your cals from carbs

Sounds… rebellious, right? Well it is.

Too bad we have the science to back it up.

Slow Cardio Is Not Smart

At least the way the so-called “experts” want you to do it.

Walk into any gym…take a look at the people who only do cardio work for 45-60 minutes every day.

Do they look any different from year to year?

NO. They do not.

Cardio (unless you are into endurance sports) is a waste of energy done this

First, it increases your carbohydrate cravings. For most people that’s not
a good thing.
Why? Because cardio at this pace burns mostly SUGAR, not bodyfat.

What do you want to burn?


Finally, slow, steady state cardio is much less efficient than resistance training at
dissolving bodyfat… and not even CLOSE to resistance training when
it comes to shaping lean muscle and getting the look all cardio bunnies
are chasing.

3 Hard but short metabolic cardio sessions with me each week.
That’s it. And you get ALL the benefits heart-wise of long-session cardio.

Combine that with some brisk, regenerative walking once or twice each week.

Train like this just 3-5 days a week and you can kiss boring cardio goodbye.

Do Not Overwork Your Abs

Here’s a mistake I see most people make in the gym: They do endless sets of
crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups… all geared toward seeing the toned abs they want.

Guess what? It turns out to be a waste of time.

In fact, it’s worse than that… it can shut down your recovery ability. You’ll slow your progress … and your fat-burning too.

And you may give up your plan entirely because of it.

Here’s the brutal truth: Ab ‘muscles’ are easy to build. It only takes about 3
minutes 2-3 times a week… that’s it. You may have noticed the changes I’ve made to the Core training we do in sessions this year. Lots more planks, bridges and mini ball work.

The muscles are not what make your stomach flatter… it’s the nutrition plan

You’re just building muscle underneath layers of bodyfat… shame!

I do very little direct ab training. When I do it’s usually 3-5 minutes tops 2
days a week. I do core stability and core strength together with back mobility (Pilates Style) work. My abs are… better than they’ve ever been in over 25 years of training.

Be a Rebel Too !

Jax 24/3/11©

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