How Stressed Are You? Is Stress Making You Sick?

Do you have adrenal fatigue symptoms? Symptoms of adrenal fatigue resemble what our mothers used to call a nervous breakdown. The inability to cope with stress is, however, not a breakdown of our nerves, but of our adrenal glands, which can burn out after long periods of heightened output.
The symptoms of adrenal fatigue include:
· Startle easily-something as simple as the phone ringing will send your heart pounding wildly.

· Feeling tired all the time-You wake up tired, even after what should have been “a good night’s sleep”. You nap, but never feel like you’ve had enough.

· Allergies-You have either developed new allergies, or have developed an increase in severity of allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

· Diminished tolerance for stress/Anxiety attacks- Stress triggers an irrationally disproportionate anxiety or irritability. Feeling of being unable to cope, or “coming unglued”.

· Postural hypotension feeling dizzy upon rising, particularly from a horizontal position.

· Lethargy-a feeling of almost incapacitating weakness, especially when not eating regularly.

· Hypoglycemia-(Low blood sugar)

· Hypotension (low blood pressure)

· Caffeine dependent-need caffeine to get started or keep going during the day.

· Weight gain-specifically as a layer of belly fat.

· Sensitive to bright light, or have a hard time driving at night.

· Sleep pattern: need to “sleep in”, you get your best sleep between 7-9am. Slow to get going, but then pick up some steam, until you hit a late afternoon low and need a nap. If you don’t go to bed early, then you get a second wind after 11pm, and can go until the wee hours. Doing that, however, will leave you a total wreck the next day.

· Unable to fight off or recuperate from illness- You seem to be sick all the time.

· Exercise makes you feel worse, not better.

· Hard time getting to sleep, or staying asleep.

· Low libido (low sex drive).

· Food cravings include salt, sweets, and protein.

· You have multiple “stress factors” in your life: you’ve just had a baby… had surgery… got married… got divorced… moved either across town or across the country…lost a loved one… been a victim of a crime… have “3 under 5″…have “tweens”… have teens… have a job…lost a job…have any kind of life at all…the stress factors don’t necessarily have to be negative, and they don’t have to be dramatic, but they are continual…

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