Mind Body Workshop 23/10/11

Mind Body Workshop
Sunday 23rd October 13:00 – 17:00 £25
try Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates

Ask questions -perfect your technique and learn how to stretch safely and effectively.

What is Mind Body training?
What exactly are it’s benefits ?
Experience both styles of training….
Find out which is for you….

Will you become Zen thru’ Yoga?
Will you get a Middleton Bottom thru’ Pilates?

Well, we’ll see – I can guarantee you’ll go home with a resistance band and a nice carry bag for your yoga mat.
Ooh, and a lite lunch and a good laugh – even if it’s at my burnt soup!!! Patsy help……..

See you soon Jax xx

Lose 5kg Every 21 Days

Lose 5kg in 21 days !
The question is will you?
1. STOP eating bread, cereals and anything containing a grain for the next 21 days.

2. Avoid drinking caffeine, fruit juice, sodas and alcohol for the next 21 days.

3. Immediately before consuming a meal do just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise, to get a good sweat on.

4. 3 times a week do 25-30 minutes of metabolic cardio and heavy resistance exercise for your whole body. This is not Cardio, this is doing hard muscle exercises such as pushups, squats, split squats, swings and 3D planks (you should have fatigued muscles in 12 repetitions max!

5. Go to bed before 10.30pm EVERY night.
Go give this a try for the next 21 days and see some amazing results!
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and get the support of the group, my texts, newsletters, blog, websites and workshops to keep you on track and seeing better results than you ever thought possible!!!

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Jax Allen info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com

Gluten is Devils Food!!

Sandwich Anyone?

The wheat we eat today is full of gluten – the stuff that makes it sticky; in fact this stuff is often used as a binding agent for postage stamps yum – not. The wheat we consume today is actually bio engineered to contain 90% more gluten than our grandparents ate, and there is less than half the protein in our wheat today versus 50 years ago. Also while on the subject of nutritional value according to a Rutgers university study it now takes 19 ears of corn to equal the nutritional value of one ear of corn grown in the 1940’s!

It’s crazy, the soil our crops is grown in is so depleted that it is entirely dependant on the chemical fertilizers it is given to grow, so it becomes devoid of the essential minerals we need as humans!

So what happens when we eat wheat – well when you consume wheat, the gluten in it swells in your intestinal tract, often constipating you. Then the immune system is activated to attack that very part of the lining of the intestinal tract, causing bloating, wind, maybe diarrhea and nausea – these symptoms should alert you to the fact that your body is rejecting the food you’re putting into it. And also the immune system is not doing its normal job of protecting you from viruses – it’s trying to protect you from what you’re eating, so you’re getting sick easier.

Also, when consumed, wheat is more easily transferred to blood sugar in the body than any other carbohydrate. Dr William Davis, a preventative cardiologist, says “two slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar to a higher level than a candy bar does. And then, after about two hours, your blood sugar plunges and you get shaky, your brain feels foggy, you’re hungry. So let’s say you have an English muffin for breakfast. Two hours later you’re starving, so you have a handful of crackers, and then some potato chips, and your blood sugar rises again. That cycle of highs and lows just keeps going throughout the day, so you’re constantly feeling hungry and constantly eating. Dieticians have responded to this by advising that we graze throughout the day, which is just nonsense. If you eliminate wheat from your diet, you’re no longer hungry between meals because you’ve stopped that cycle. You’ve cut out the appetite stimulant, and consequently you lose weight very quickly
So, any one for a sandwich???
Jax© 021011