Local Health & Fitness Expert is nominated to carry Olympic Torch

Me? Jackie Allen? the local Health & Fitness expert, nominated to carry the Olympic Torch.

I only realised I had been nominated when Samsung – the sponsors of the torch relay – contacted her.
At first, thinking it was a spoof, Iignored the email. Then realising it was genuine Igladly accepted the nomination.

It makes me proud to think that one of my clients put me forward…. It’s a fantastic honour. I’ve worked in community fitness and health promotion for over 25yrs and it’s easy to forget the effect my work has on the lives of those I come in contact with every week”
Still unsure exactly who nominated me– I suspect one of the members of Take Heart her cardiac support Group based at Elmscroft Community centre in Gloucester. I’m sure the nomination came from a Take Heart member… they have a great sense of community and the statement given to the Olympic Torch Relay organisers supporting my nomination mentioned the work I’ve done with the cardiac group for over 15 yrs….
The nomination was made due to my long service to the group in spite of the many hurdles that I have had to overcome. Becoming a single parent and personal tragedies should’nt hold anyone back from following their dream.
I await the next step in the process, and hope to include some of my clients in the actual event.

Can you imagine – I work with all ages and fitness levels, wouldn’t it be great to show off the abilities of my Super Seniors – I’d like to have them do it with me. One from each age group from teens through to my lovely Ninety year olds!!

For more info, email info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com

Or call Jackie on 07831 680086 .
To see Take Heart in action – they meet every Monday & Friday 10:15 for Aerobic Keep Fit and 11:15 for Chair-Obics
At Elmscroft Communtiy Centre Barnwod Gloucester.


Email- info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com
Phone- 07831 680086
Blog http://superseniorssolution.wordpress.com
Website http://www.fitnesssolutionsuk.com

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