Would You Pass This Flexibility Test?

It’s time to take the flexibility test…

1. Can you put on your socks without sitting down?

2. Can you get down and sit on the floor — or play with your kids —
without struggling?

3. Can you jump up off the couch without aches or pains?

4. Do you wake up feeling limber and pain free every morning?

5. Do you have consistent high energy all day long?

6. Do you feel and look younger than your age?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your flexibility and
mobility is a problem.

You see, flexibility is about more than just how well you
“stretch.” It’s about having a body that’s well balanced, healthy,
and ready for action.

If you rid yourself of muscle imbalances and restore your body’s
normal range of motion, you’ll literally turn back the clock by a
decade in a matter of weeks.

But you probably already knew you could use better flexibility. The
problem is… most stretching programs are unbelievably boring. And
most yoga programs are full of New Age fluff.

Not anymore. My Fitness Yoga program gives you the rich
tradition of authentic yoga — the real deal before all the
California fluff — with the benefits of a science-based approach to
flexibility and wellness. I can adapt most classic poses to suit you, give you homework for your daily practice and even seated options you can use at work.

To find out more contact me directly by email info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com

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