Sensitive To Sugars?

Sugar Sensitivity Test Rates Tolerance to Carbohydrates

Determining Your Sensitivity to Sugar and Eating Habits
Directions: If the statement applies to you, put the number of points (in the brackets) on the line. When you are done, add the points and look at the key below for what the total means.
(5) _____ I have a tendency to higher blood pressure.
(5) _____ I gain weight easily, especially around my waist and have difficulty losing it.
(5) _____ I often experience mental confusion.
(5) _____ I often experience fatigue and generalized weakness.
(10) ____ I have diabetic tendencies.
(4) _____ I get tired and/or hungry in the mid-afternoon.
(5) _____ About an hour or two after eating a full meal that includes dessert, I want more of the dessert.
(3) _____ It is harder for me to control my eating for the rest of the day if I have a breakfast containing carbohydrates, than it would be if I had only coffee or nothing at all.
(4) _____ When I want to lose weight, I find it easier not to eat for most of the day than to try to at several small diet meals.
(3) _____ Once I start eating sweets, starches, or snack foods, I often have a difficult time stopping.
(3) _____ I would rather have an ordinary meal that included dessert than a gourmet meal that did not include dessert.
(5) _____ After finishing a full meal, I sometimes feel as if I could go back and eat the whole meal again.
(3) _____ A meal of only meat and vegetables leaves me feeling unsatisfied.
(3) _____ If I’m feeling down, a snack of cake or cookies makes me feel better.
(3) _____ If potatoes, bread, pasta, or dessert are on the table, I will often skip eating vegetables or salad.
(4) _____ I get a sleepy, almost “drugged” feeling after eating a large meal containing bread or pasta or potatoes and dessert, whereas I feel more energetic after a meal of only meat or fish and salad or veg.
(3) _____ I have a hard time going to sleep at times without a bedtime snack.
(3) _____ At times I wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep unless I eat something.
(5) _____ I get irritable if I miss a meal or mealtime is delayed
(2) _____ At a restaurant, I almost always eat too much bread, even before the meal is served.
Total _______
Scores of 20 or less indicates that you are a person who can do well on low fat / high complex carbohydrates diet, and might do well as a vegetarian. These diets are approx. 10% to 15% fat, 15% to 20% proteins, and 65% to 75% carbohydrates by calories.
Scores of greater than 25 need diets lower in simple sugars, like sweets, alcohol and starches, but higher in protein and fats. The higher your score, the more fastidious you should be regarding your protein to carbohydrate ratios at each meal and the more important the following tests. The “Zone Diet” of 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat is a good example of the diet you might follow. Indeed, the Zone Diet is also known as the 40-30-30 Diet.
Scores that are very high may do well to consider high protein, moderate fat, low carb strategies like the Atkin’s Diet, The Caveman Diet. Regular exercise is also a vital component in any program to optimize blood sugar control.
The higher your score, the more at risk you are for the all too common dysglycemias: hypo-glycemia, Syndrome X, and adult onset diabetes, a major disease of aging.
Having your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides checked in a “cardiac risk profile” blood test is a good idea then, as high blood pressure and high blood lipids are signs of Syndrome X. Having your doctor test your blood sugar and insulin level is indicated as well with higher scores if you are middle aged or older.
Sugar Sensitivity Test Rates Tolerance to Carbohydrates
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