Why Alcohol On Your Cheat Day Is A BAD Idea!

Why Alcohol On Your Cheat Day Is A BAD Idea!

I get more questions about Cheat Days than any other subject.

Now the party season is over and New Year Resolutions are almost forgotten, it’s time to re-focus on goals and make sure you put a plan into action to reach them.

Seems that a lot of you are using Cheat Days as their weekly excuse to indulge not only in their favourite foods, but also a considerable amount of alcohol.

Bad idea – I have clients that train really hard Monday to Friday – then blow it all at the Pub Friday and Saturday nights.   It’s such a shame to see their efforts go to waste. I suppose at least they’re getting out and meeting ‘real’ people…. Rather than indulging in nights in with a video and a bottle of wine ( to themselves!!)

The entire purpose of the Cheat Day is to increase your leptin levels, to reset your metabolism and create a hormonal environment that will allow you to burn fat.

Alcohol consumption will probably cancel out ALL of those positive benefits. In fact, alcohol has been shown to acutely LOWER your leptin levels which is in direct opposition to everything you are trying to accomplish with a Cheat Day.

In the end, Cheat Days + Alcohol = Fat GAIN.  So why do it?

Does that mean that you can’t drink at all on your Cheat Day?

Anything more than 2 drinks will begin to have a negative effect.

The rule is, if you feel the effects of your drinks you’ve consumed too much.

Focus on your goals, and in order to reach them you will need some level of sacrifice. Know that, embrace it, and move forward toward your goals.

My clients know they can use a full blown eat-whatever-you-want Cheat Days as frequently as every 5th day to lose fat at record speed, so it really isn’t that bad is it?

That being said, if alcohol is more important than your fat loss goals then I suggest you have a different decision to make.


So, this Friday when you settle in front of the TV or order your drink at the bar make an educated, considered decision – do you want to lose fat or not?


Any questions email me at info@fitnesssolutionsuk.com


Eat Clean  *   Train Hard   *   Get Results

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