7 Super Festival Fat Loss Strategies

7 Super Cheltenham Festival Fat Loss Strategies

We’re just about back on track following the excess of Christmas and New Year and the Cheltenham Festival is upon us. A day or two out at the races, fabulous meals in local restaurants or entertaining at home can pile on the pounds, and reck all your good intentions. I work with real people that expect to live healthy active and fun lives. Here’s a list of EIGHT different strategies you can use to curb the “typical” event weight gain, stay on track for your health and fitness goals.

Enjoy! Strategy #1: Feast On Protein

So you’re checking out the buffet set-up and you’re contemplating what to eat. I’m betting there’s a turkey, ham, shell fish or salmon. Eat it, and only that, until you’re full. Protein is, by nature, very filling. By filling up on lean protein, you’ll avoid other, potentially more destructive food at the buffet. And best yet, you still leave satisfied. Another benefit of protein is that it also helps your body process carbohydrates more effectively by stimulating the release of a hormone that helps to control blood sugar and curbs fat-storage. So, if you do add pastries and cakes, they’ll be much less of a threat to your waistline.

Strategy #2: DON’T Drink All Your Calories

Calories in drinks are wasted calories. They do nothing to make you feel full, and can very easily add on a serious amount of damage (calories) to any event. You will have a flutter and have a win or two. You won’t enjoy the experience without a glass or two of something to celebrate. The important thing is that you are prepared.

Being wise, for the weeks leading to the festival you swapped your wine and spirits for water. For variety beyond plain water, you chose flavoured water or soda with a slice or lemon or lime. If you did have a glass of wine it was a long chilled spritzer. When you celebrate you’ll keep to small glasses and every other drink will be a soft option (hopefully calorie free) You’ll save yourself the extra fat around your tummy that Alcohol brings and be clear headed the next day too.

Strategy #3: Know Your First Move

While we’re on the topic of drinks, here’s a great tip to go into any party with. Before you set off, pour yourself a big glass of water, drink it down, and wait 15 minutes before eating anything. Mingle with your friends, say hello, etc. …. This is a simple, extremely effective way to curb your appetite and give yourself a sense of fullness before heading to the bar or restaurant and is sure to make a difference in the amount of food you add to your plate.

Strategy #4: Be Prepared

I’m sure you know never to go shopping when you’re hungry as you’ll just end up buying everything in sight, spending too much, and making unhealthy choices because everything looks “so good”. Well, I’m going to give the same suggestion for the festival, although my clients will be the ones having what ever they fancy as they’ll be on a cheat day – but more about that later. Instead of starting the day with your stomach growling and mouth watering, make sure you arrive in the exact opposite condition.

How? Easy. Eat a BIG, healthy meal just prior to heading off. So a good breakfast with plenty of protein, or even a small healthy meal before you go out to a restaurant in the evening. Easy, super effective way to avoid falling into temptation.

Strategy #5: Be “Normal” Arrive “Full”

This one goes right along with the previous tip. Most people don’t eat anything all day leading up to a big meal out in order to “save up” the calories. Big mistake, and for several reasons. Be normal….. First, when you go into a meal or party incredibly hungry, you will always overeat. Bigger portions of calorie dense, fatty/carb-laden food – MANY more calories than you would have normally eaten throughout the day. Secondly, eating nothing all day only to end with a big, high-fat/high-carb/high-calorie meal leads to a greater percentage of those calories than normal being stored as fat. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by starving yourself all day. Eat as you normally would and then hit the party.

Strategy #6: Deplete Before A “Big” Day

This tip is great as “damage control”. One of the things I do to “prep” for a big day full of food and drink is add a depletion workout the day before. This sounds a lot worse than it is.. You may or may not know, but there’s plenty of “food” stored within your muscles in the form of both carbohydrate and fats. They are actually stored within your muscle tissue as an energy source to fuel activity. Fat is a slower energy source, so something as simple as doing a lot of walking the day before a party is a great way to deplete some of your fatty energy stores. So find your walking shoes a friend or two and head up to Cleeve Hill – you could even borrow a dog!

Strategy #7: Speed Up Your Metabolism

As for your stored carbohydrates, go with one of my fitcamp style workouts. Keep the load light – so bodyweight only, do a lot of fast repetitions – 10 exercise for about 1 minute each and really “go for the burn”- work to failure every time. You could do the workout twice each day leading up to your busy festival events. Going to a day long event with depleted energy stores (brought about by energy-depleting exercise) will lead to much of your calories refilling stores as opposed to being tacked onto your belly, hips, and bum.

Any good trainer will give you a healthy eating plan that keeps you full and allows your favourite treats – even alcohol. My clients understand how to plan cheat meals and reward days for special events just like the Cheltenham Festival.

I expect my clients to live a full life and still get great results.

Enjoy the festival and avoid putting on body fat!!

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