3 Diet Rules You Need To Know…

OK, now on to the 3 diet rules you need to know...
Ready for them?
I like to keep the diet "rules" simple, so here goes...
"Rule" 1
Eat more...
Fruits and vegetables
Low-fat and low sugar dairy (like plain Greek yogurt)
Whole grains (I like quinoa)
Lean protein
Beans and Legumes
"Rule" 2
Eat less...
Cereals and sweetened yogurt
White carbs such as bread, pasta and rice
"Fake foods" like rice cakes
Snacks such as granola bars and wheat crackers
Salty or fried snacks
"Rule" 3
Eat a lot less often...
Sweetened drinks such as soda and iced tea
Bagels, muffins, cakes and cookies
Butter, mayonnaise, and full-fat salad dressing
Hope this is simple enough to follow. : )


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