Inflammation Omega 3 & Krill Oil

Tiny Fighters For Inflammation In Your Body

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By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES
Inflammation could affect many different areas in your body.
According to research, inflammation can lead to cognitive decline, dementia, increased pain associated with PMS, and increased pain associated with arthritis.
Now, some research suggests, that krill oil could lower inflammation, which could lower pain and improve different aspect of your life.
Let me explain…
CRP and Stroke Risk CRP, or more commonly known as C-reactive protein, is a marker found in your blood that determines if and how much inflammation is found in your body.
A positive test result would show your CRP levels are greater than 1.0 mg/dl of blood.
Levels higher than 1.0 mg/dl, research suggests, could indicate increased levels of inflammation is present in your body.
High CRP levels could increase your risk for heart disease or having a stroke. Also, depression and cognitive decline, shows strong correlation to increased inflammation levels inside your body.
In fact, according to clinical studies, high CRP levels increased stroke risk, especially with a history of stroke, by nearly 70%.
Also, depression and cognitive decline bears a strong correlation to increased levels of inflammation in your body.
However, increased inflammation can also cause increased pain in people suffer from arthritis.
Krill and Inflammation Based on clinical research, krill oil can potentially be a new way to fight inflammation.
Researchers recruited 90 subjects with a confirmed diagnosis of heart disease, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
They administered either 300 mg daily of Krill oil or a placebo.
They noted, after only 7 days of treatment, the krill oil group decreased CRP levels by 19.3%.  Comparatively, the placebo group showed an increase in CRP levels by 15.7%.
After 14 days, the krill oil group decreased CRP levels by 29.7% compared to the placebo group which CRP levels increased by 32.1%.
And after 30 days, the Krill oil group decreased CRP levels by 30.9% compared to the placebo group which showed an increase in CRP levels by 25.1%
They also tested to see if Krill oil could lower pain scores, stiffness and functional impairment related to arthritis.
The krill oil group showed pain scores decreased by 28.9%, stiffness decreased by 20.3% and functional impairment decreased by 22.8%.
They concluded that 300 mg of Krill oil could significantly lower CRP levels and pain scores associated with different forms of arthritis and heart disease. The Power of Krill C-reactive protein is a clinical marker for inflammation.
Inflammation can increase pain in arthritic conditions, lead to cognitive decline and even lead to depression.
However, according to clinical studies, Krill oil could reduce CRP levels which could potentially reduce your risk for stroke, cognitive decline and even depression.
Krill oil could also have the potential to improve inflammatory markers associated with arthritis and reduce pain for arthritis sufferers.

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