Does Your Workout “WORK”?

Does Your Workout “WORK”?


Have a look at the chart below to assess the current metabolic status of your fitness routine. If your main goal is to improve your body composition (burn body fat and build lean muscle) and rev up your metabolism then you absolutely must structure your workouts to fall under the metabolic boost column.


Metabolic   Rut

Metabolic   Boost



Training   Split



Daily body part workouts

3 total body workouts per week with   ideally 48-hours between workouts



Length   of Workout



60 minutes or more

30-45 minutes or less



Exercise   Selection



Single-joint, isolation exercises that   address only

 1   plane of movement

Functional multi-joint, compound movement   patterns that address all 3 planes of movement



Exercise   Intensity



Low-intensity work periods of over 2   minutes to burn fat

High-intensity work periods of 20-60   seconds or less to burn calories at a high rate



Rest   Periods



Long rest periods of 2 minutes or longer

Short rest periods of 30-60 seconds or   less

Exercise   Order

Straights sets of a single exercise

Circuit Formats:

Alternating sets of non-competitive   exercises






Perform the same fitness routine for over   6 weeks

Change your fitness routine every session


Left to your own devices in the gym or in   a large studio class.

Small Group Personal training with   individual attention and loads of fun


Jackie Allen     101110 ©

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