This Spring I Want To….

This Spring, I want to _______

How would you fill in the blank this time ?

I’m guessing you’d like to be more toned or less wobbly way before the Summer Season hits…..

BUT – how are you going to do it?

1.     Lose Scale Weight

We know now, that it doesn’t matter what the scale says – if you rely on scale weight – you’ll end up skinny-fat!  If you haven’t come across that one yet – it’s when you weigh next to nothing but still wobble and feel you need to lose even more weight.  But you can’t eat less than you do – you’re bad tempered, moody and become obsessed with food…… you may even lose your friends along the way – you’ve become a diet bore!

2.     Go to the Gym

We know that building muscle will change your shape and tone you up.  But the gym gives you a program that involves lifting weights that are lighter than your handbag!  Eventually someone will actually talk to you and – might give you a program that will work. I can guarantee they will try to sell you stuff!!  But don’t expect miracles most gyms expect you to train most days of the week for 60 – 90 minutes, and they never promise results (I wonder why?)  After a few weeks you stop going and decide to love yourself the way you are!…….

3.      You decide to try a different Gym

The new gym has a fast track programme. So they stick you on a treadmill or stepper for endless minutes of boring cardio training.  All well and good if you have no life and want to fill your time with the least effective strategy to lose body fat.  But, they are nice and you know some of the other members. Not that anyone actually speaks, you all have headphones on and a TV to watch.  You give it a few weeks and no real changes happen. But hey, you’ve heard about a local Slimming Club …..


4.      Join a Slimming Club

You talk a girlfriend into going with you.  You sign up, weigh in and listen to the talk.  The thing is you’ve heard it all before, and you start to wonder why you feel you have to either buy lots of branded food items or learn to count calories or points and fat grams at every meal.  It’s a bit of a chore and you find yourself discovering fantastic ways to cheat.  You lose weight for the first week or so then you remember why you decided to join the Gym.  As you decide never to go back you realise the leader isn’t the role model you wanted anyway…….

5.      Get a Personal Trainer

You decide to go for coffee and a cake to cheer yourself up! You pick up a magazine and notice an article about a  WAG that has transformed herself in just a few weeks….. so you try a personal trainer.  You work out that the 3 sessions you need a week will mean you can’t actually afford your Summer holiday and decide to learn how to bake cakes and make bigger clothes…………

Seriously what next – get to my Indoor Fat Loss Fitcamp

–       not next week

–       not next month

–       but NOW !!!!

My nutrition and exercise system, based on simple principles, that simply work.  Lots of support and one on one sessions to keep you on track. Sign up and get 100 days membershiip to The 100 Club

You get 10 sessions for £75 – £65 for each set after that and you can use them in any class, including Pilates and Yoga.

Mon, Wed, Fri – 06:30; 09:00 &  Sat 08:30

Tue & Thur – 06:30; 10:00

Mon Wed & Thurs – 19:10

Coming Soon – online training program with daily workouts, online support, daily texts and unlimited Q&A opportunities with me.


It will work for you – all you have to do is START

Created by Jackie Allenthis Spring I want to….Created on15/04/12

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