Sugar by Another Name

Sugar by Another Name

August 30, 2010 thanks to BJ and mission metabolism for this blog entry…

In general, if you want to be lean and healthy you need to avoid all foods with ADDED SUGAR in them. Added sugar spikes insulin which both blunts fat-burning and leads to unwanted fat-storage. Most foods (even some protein and veggie sources) have some natural sugars in them as demonstrated in the nutrition facts. However, the way to determine if sugar has been added to any food item is by reading the “ingredients list” below the nutrition facts. In addition, the ingredients are listed in order of greatest to least concentration, so you really want to avoid foods that have “sugar” listen within the first 3 ingredients.

When reading food labels, it’s easy to be misled about whether or not a particular food item has sugar in it, especially since food manufacturers have cleverly created many different forms of sugar by another name. Please reference the list below to prevent excessive sugar and artificial sweetener intake in your diet: Alternative Names for Sugar/Synonyms

If you encounter one of the names below in a product ingredient list – it’s sugar in one form or other and will contribute 4 calories per gram consumed (exceptions noted in parentheses). Artificial sweeteners contain no calories but are at times controversial due to other health risks they may or may not pose.

Aspartame – marketed as Nutrasweet (artificial, 0 calories)

Acesulfame potassium (acesulfame-K)

Barley Malt Extract

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown sugar

Corn sweetener

Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids

Crystalline Fructose

Dehydrated Cane Juice

Dextrin Dextrose

Evaporated Cane Juice


Fruit juice concentrate


High-fructose corn syrup  (HFCS)

Honey Invert sugar (golden syrup)



Malt syrup


Mannitol (2.6 calories)

Maple syrup


Neotame (artificial, 0 calories)

Raw sugar

Rice Syrup

Saccharin (artificial, 0 calories)


Sucralose – marketed as Splenda (artificial, 0 calories) Sucrose Sugar Sorbitol (2.6 calories) Sorghum syrup Syrup Treacle Turbinado Sugar Xylose Interesting eh? Xx Jax xx