Lose Fat NOT Just Weight

Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss


After class last night I was lucky enough to spend time with clients that have acheived great results – they have seen body fat drop and muscle increase. One in particular works hard on her diet, she pays attention to her training program. They both train VERY hard, vary their sessons, change what they eat, sleep well, soak in Magnesium salts and always ask questions.  Fabulous, Well Done

I’ve just emailed their results to them and toght this article might help you acheive the same transformation!!  Go For It…

As you go about your fat burning program plan, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is thinking about fat loss, not necessarily weight loss.

This is where so many women go entirely wrong. They get all caught up in what the number on the scale is telling them that they forget to even consider what type of body tissue they’re actually losing.

There’s a big difference between losing body fat and losing body weight, so it’s a must that you understand this difference. If you don’t, you may resort to extreme measures just to see that number on the scale going down.

Let’s go over some of the key points that you need to keep in mind as you move through your fat burning workout.

The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

The very first thing that you need to understand is what this difference is. Weight loss refers to total body mass loss. This could be lean muscle mass loss or it could be body fat loss.

But, when you’re on a fat burning program, you aren’t going for muscle mass loss – it’s that nasty fat that you want out of the picture.

As such, it’s fat loss that you’re after. Lose weight and you may just look like a fatter version of your current self because your total body fat percentage will have gone up.

Stop obsessing over the scale!

The Devastating Techniques Women ( & men) Use To Lose Weight

In the quest for weight loss, many women resort to incredibly devastating techniques such as crash diets, ultra low carb diets, extreme workout programs, or even full out fasts.

This is not the best way to produce the most optimal results. Often they’ll be spending hours per day on the treadmill while eating hardly enough food to feed a five year old.

This is NOT how you go about losing fat!

The Consequences Of These Techniques

What’s really bad is what these techniques are doing on their ability to see optimal fat burning. As they use them, they’re burning up precious lean muscle mass, which is the tissue that keeps your metabolism humming along properly.

As this occurs, they burn fewer and fewer calories each day, making further weight loss that much more difficult. And if they ever do come off the crazy diet they’re using, they’ll not only gain all the weight they lost right back (as body fat), but often gain even more because of their super sluggish metabolism.

So now they’ve lost their lean muscle mass and gained fat mass – this is not a recipe for an attractive body.

The Smarter Approach

Lift those weights girl! ( & boys)

So what’s the smarter approach? A much better way to see optimal fat loss is to combine a proper resistance training program with the right diet. This is what will kick fat burning into high gear. Your metabolism will increase and you’ll burn body fat 24/7.

That means eating 5-6 meals/snacks throughout the day.

Yes, you should be eating that much – come for your assessment with us and learn how many calories you should be eating everyday.

Be consistent with your training approximately 3-6 times per week for no more than 45/60 minutes each session.

Always look at it as ‘burning’ the fat instead of ‘starving’ the fat. You’ll also get much better results by burning it off than starving it off.

So remember, lose body fat NOT body weight.

Muscle mass is far more dense tissue compared to body fat as well, so even if you are slightly heavier because you have more muscle, you’ll look smaller than someone who has more fat mass and less muscle.

Avoid the scales. Use the mirror and tape measure as an indication of how you’re progressing along with your fat burning program and you’ll be much better off.  We will assess your body fat%, lean muscle mass – for each limb and your torso. We can then suggest a daily protein, carb and water intake.

What do you gauge your progress on? Weight loss or Fat loss?