Does Sweating Burn Calories or Fat?

Sweat And Its Effect On Fat Burning

As you go about your weight training workout routine, one thing that you may 
start to wonder about and question is whether sweat can be used as an indication 
as to how hard you’re working.  Does sweating really tell the whole story about 
whether or not you’re making the progress you should be?
Can one use sweating as indication of whether or not you’ve just done a great 
weight training workout session?

Before you jump to conclusions on this debate, let’s go over a few important 
things that you need to think about with regards to sweating and its effect on 
fat burning.

What Is Sweat?
The very first thing that you need to understand is what sweat is.  basically 
speaking, sweat is your body’s way of thermoregulating itself, helping to bring 
down your core body temperature when you’re starting to overheat.
The body will cause these tiny water droplets to be secreted by the skin, which 
then evaporate into the air, cooling the body off in the process.
It’s been demonstrated that men start sweating much sooner than women do and 
will sweat to much higher rates when exercising at the same intensity level.

The Sweating-Fat Burning Myth
So now that you know what sweating is, how does it correlate with fat loss? If 
you’re doing a weight lifting workout and are sweating buckets, does this mean 
you’re burning up fat much faster than someone who isn’t sweating as much?
The truth of the matter is that sweating has very little to do with fat burning. 
Sweating can be an indication that you are working harder during your workout 
and that can be an indication that you’re burning fat better, but sweating on 
its own doesn’t mean you’re burning fat.
You could lie out in the hot sun for hours on a lawn chair and sweat extreme 
amounts but this doesn’t mean you’re burning up calories and therefore body fat. 
In fact, a day of nothing but sitting in the sun burns few calories so the 
opposite would be truth.
Some people may feel thinner and even weigh less after a period of heavy 
sweating but realize that this is simply because you have lost so much water 
weight from your body.

Is Sweat Really Important?
So all in all, does the amount of sweat you show demonstrate a hard workout? 
Definitely not. While you should be working up a sweet during your workout to 
indicate that you are pushing yourself hard enough, don’t let yourself come to 
believe that this means you’re automatically seeing better results.
It takes more than a bit of sweat to actually burn off body fat – you need to be 
doing the right type of weight training program along with following a proper 
diet.  That is what will really get you showing remarkable results with your 
So keep these points in mind and don’t be fooled by the sweating myth any 

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