Why Your Scales Lie

Why The Scales Lie!

When it comes to getting in shape it’s important to understand that body 
composition is the most important indicator of progress. Fat loss should be our 
goal, rather than simply ‘weight’ loss. Scale weight loss can be anything from 
fat and muscle to water or fluids and the scale can NOT differentiate between 
these things.
 Your body’s hydration level fluctuates from hour to hour and this can heavily 
influence the scale fluctuation. That’s why sodium is another important factor – 
it can make you retain fluid which can also lead to a spike on the scales.
Another factor that can influence the scale is glycogen.  Glycogen is your “fuel 
tank” full of stored carbohydrate.  This energy reserve weighs more than ½ kilo 
and is packaged with 1-2 kilos of water when stored.  Your glycogen supply will 
shrink during the day if you don’t take in enough carbohydrates.
These fluctuations are normal, and have nothing to do with fat loss.
The other important factor to consider that many people overlook is our intake 
of food and fluids throughout the day. Fact – food and fluids have a weight 
value too! If you eat a big dinner, or treat yourself to a free meal, the fact 
is you will weigh more following that – whether it immediate or the day after.
Your scale weight will even depend on whether or not you’ve been to the 
Fat loss is best measured using callipers (a ‘skin fold’ or ‘pinch’ test) or 
using a high tech machine that can measure the layer of fat under your skin. You 
can purchase relatively inexpensive plastic callipers and do these measurements 
at home.
 When it comes down to it, the best measurement should always be how you feel 
about yourself. How do your clothes feel, how do they fit and how do you feel 
about the effort you are putting in?
Changing your focus to goals that work on your fitness, strength and well being 
is a great way to take the focus off those scales and a number that too many 
people allow to control their feelings.
If you are putting in the effort, making good food choices and exercising on a 
regular basis then that is true success and the visual results will follow. 
Fluctuations are perfectly normal.  Expect them to happen and understand why 
they do.
Don’t let a number ‘make’ or ‘break’ your day.
How do you monitor your progress?

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