How to SMASH the Turkish Get Up….



How to Smash the Turkish Get Up….

We will be this training cycle… so do your home work !!  We’ll use the small (but deadly Olympic med Balls) or Power Bags… I will have some smaller hand weights ready too.. we all have to start somewhere, right?.  It’s important to go for good form/technique for this exercise.  NO rolling, NO swinging, NO bouncing. (Boys, I’m watching!)

Control and accuracy will do it for you.


We’ll break down the movement into 3 parts and then put them all together. This will challenge your core, shoulder, hips and knee mobility and stability.


Don’t panic week 1 is our chance to LEARN new moves and better technique!!

Broken into three steps, learning it becomes much easier.

Get Ready:

  • Start in the fetal position, weight held with two hands very near your chest.
  • While using your hands to push the weight up and your right arm is stretched out overhead, roll onto your backside.
  • Straighten your left leg in front and stretch out your left arm in a 45 degree angle from your abdomen.
  • Bend your right knee, resulting in your right heel being near your right glute.

Step 1-Bottom Component: Shifting from lying down with back against the floor to hips against the floor.

  • While keeping eyes on the weight that you are holding over your head, push through the heel of your right foot as you shift in a diagonal trajectory onto your left forearm and hip.
  • Next, shift onto your left hand with your shoulders back and down.

Tip: Does this segment seem too hard? If so, you likely are weak in your core.

Step 2-Middle Component:
Shifting from having your hip on the floor to a lunge stance.

  • Activate both of your shoulders and lift your hips as you sweep your left leg under you and do a sideways swipe with your left foot.
  • Straighten your trunk to square your body into a lunge stance, making sure that you keep your forward knee and ankle in alignment.

Tip: Does this segment seem too hard? If so, it is likely that you have instability in your shoulders and core, as well as have limited mobility in your hips.

Step 3-Top Component: Shifting from lunge stance to standing erect.

  • Push into the heel of your forward leg (right leg in this rep) and stand up so that your feet are side by side. As you do this, concentrate on reaching the weight that you are holding over your head.

Tip: Does this segment seem too hard? If so, you likely have weakness in your lower body and are unstable in your knees and hips.

The Turkish Get-Up in Reverse:

  • Take a step back with your left leg so that you end up in a reverse lunge, and drop your hips into the split-kneeling stance (your knee should just barely touch the floor). Carefully reverse the whole motion from the third to the first component until you end up in the beginning position.

This IS a complicated exercise, but if you take it step by step, it will seem simpler.


See you Monday morning – energized – recovery shake  / energy drink in hand.


Jax Allen

Thanks to Justin for technical definitions/descriptions xx


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