Gut Bacteria and Infections – Is there a Link?

Gut Bacteria and Infections – Is there a Link?

In class the other morning Claire asked why some people seem to catch every cold going – this reminded me of these interesting facts.

Cold and flu season has arrived. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be ill all the time, yet others, after being exposed to the same virus, remain well.
The reason lies in the strength of their immune system.
Your immune system is largely dependent upon the condition of your digestive system.
When you are exposed to bad bacteria or viruses, it is up to your immune system to protect you from being infected. If your immune system is strong, your body will fight off the threat. If your immune system is weak or compromised, you may end up sick.

Microbes: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Inside your digestive system are many microbes. Microbes are living organisms that affect your overall health.
Some of these organisms are beneficial and protect you from disease. These good bacteria recognize when illness-producing intruders enter your body; they promptly attack the intruders so you do not get sick. If you do not have enough good bacteria in your gut, you will be more susceptible not only to infections such as colds and stomach flu, but you will also be at risk for autoimmune diseases such as colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and Chron’s disease.
Ideally you have a large supply of these good microbes living in your gut. But they can easily become depleted, some medications can effect their numbers.
The chlorine in your drinking water can destroy them, as can the pesticide residue on the food that you eat.
Once the supply of beneficial microbes in your intestines dwindles, bad microbes such as yeast, fungi and disease-causing bacteria begin to take up residence. When the scale tips in favour of the bad, your immune system becomes compromised.

Enter Probiotics
If you think you might be deficient in good microbes, it is not difficult to remedy the problem. The solution is to take probiotics. Probiotics are good microbes that you can consume in your diet. They then settle in your digestive system and get to work protecting you from illness and destroying the bad bacteria that may be living there.
Probiotics are available in capsule form, but you can also replenish some of these good microbes by eating those little yoghurt drinks.
Natural live Greek yoghurt will provide some, too. Check the label on the yoghurt that you buy to make sure it says that it contains active cultures—those are the good bacteria that you need to eat. Also, make sure the yoghurt you eat is not loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners! Choose Actimel Mandarin or stick with plain Greek yoghurt.

Take action now and get a head start on this year’s cold and flu season. You can get ahead of the game by improving your gut function and fighting illness.

Actimel Mandarin seems to have the least sugars, and is backed by research to show that the probiotics pass through the stomach and into the gut.

Eat Well – Stay Healthy

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