Healthy fat releases belly fat!

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By Kevin / MS, CSCS, CES

Research shows chronic, low-grade, systematic inflammation may be ruining the cells in your body.

And when it hits your fat cells, it may send them into a dysfunctional state, rendering your body unable to use fatty acids for energy.

You see, up until recent times, fat cells were once thought of as a holding cell for fatty acids.

Now, scientists and researchers know better.

Fat tissue, according to research, releases hormones that may control your weight and tells your brain when you are full, and that it’s okay to stop eating.

However, this chronic inflammation may attack your fat cells, which renders them useless at releasing fat, which could cause them to expand, potentially leading you to gain weight.

But here may be the SOLUTION to the inflammation problem – especially in your fat cells!

Omega-3 fatty acids, the same fatty acids found in fatty fish, flaxseed, and olive oil, have been shown over and over again, to reduce inflammation in your body, by producing anti-inflammatory molecules.

Although omega-3 fatty acids may reduce inflammation, very little research is out there regarding their anti-inflammatory power on fat cell inflammation.

Until now!

Omega-3’s Role in Inflammation

When chronic inflammation attacks your fat cells, your body has a harder time releasing stored fatty acids that your body can use for energy.

This inflammation prevents the release of fat burning hormones, like leptin and adiponectin, which means you may have a harder time losing weight.

Some studies have shown that by reducing your inflammation – especially in your fat cells – may return your cells back to “normal,” which could encourage the release of those very important fat burning hormones.

When omega-3 fatty acids are in the right environment, they may produce anti-inflammatory molecules, which could lower YOUR inflammation levels.

And these molecules may even combat systematic inflammation in all the cells of your body, including your FAT CELLS.

A brand new study shows that omega-3 fatty acids may also reduce fat cell inflammation in non-diabetic adults.

However, it should be noted that this study was done with 55 severely obese patients, who were about to go through with weight loss surgery.

Although this study was done with obese individuals, you need to understand that being somewhat or moderately overweight MAY increase your inflammation levels and alter the health of your fat cells.

Here is what they found:

When the participants were given a dose of omega-3 fatty acids (3.36 grams/day of EPA and DHA) for eight weeks, they showed AMAZING results.

The men in the omega-3 fatty acid group DECREASED pro-inflammatory gene expression in their FAT CELLS, meaning there were fewer molecules to cause INFLAMMATION.

Also, they noticed that the omega-3 fatty acids produced more ANTI-INFLAMMATORY molecules in the visceral and subcutaneous fat cells.

A side note: the omega-3 fatty acid group also showed a decrease in triglycerides compared to the placebo group.

Their conclusion: omega-3 fatty acids slowed fat cell inflammation, systemic inflammation, and improved fat metabolism.

Reduce Inflammation and Increase Fat Burning

Low-grade, chronic inflammation may be detrimental to your health, as well as the health of your fat cells.

When inflammation targets your fat cells, it has been shown to alter fat metabolism, increase inflammation, and increase your risk for metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.

However, MANY studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids may reduce chronic inflammation, therefore potentially providing tremendous benefits to your health and the health of your fat cells.

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