Don’t blow your good work on a night out…

Out to Eat? 

It Doesn’t Have To Be a Diet Disaster!

 Don’t blow your good work on a night out…



  1. Did you know you’re bound to consume roughly 20% more “mindless” calories during a night out if you fail to reserve a table?


Weight loss research has shown exactly this…..

And it makes sense. You’re hungry—that is, after all, why you’re at the restaurant. Not likely you’re going to just sit there for an hour.


Instead, it’s much more likely that you’ll give in to the temptation of having a drink (or two) and an appetizer or two….

Extra, needless calories that could be avoided  with a little forethought.

Lesson #1 – Make a reservation or at least call ahead to cut down your “temptation” time.


A second study comes to mind when you pay the bill.

2.  Did you know that if you pay with plastic you’ll likely spend more       (and eat more) than if you settled your bill with cash?


Research has also proved this. People spend, and subsequently eat, around 30% more when they pay via credit card. Simply put, when paying with your card you’re borrowing, it’s very easy to lose track of how much you’re spending, and much easier to order that extra app, desert, or larger entrée.

Lesson #2 – Set a reasonable budget for your meal and carry cash to pay for it. It will force you to work within those limitations and you won’t easy overspend (and over-indulge).



Between the lessons learned from both of these studies, you just might save yourself from consuming a dreadful extra 50% in total calories the next time you enjoy a night out on the town!


Obviously our Lunch and Breakfast events are all calorie FREE !!!

That goes for our Christmas Dinner at Bistrot Co Co Cheltenham…..

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