5 Ways to Improve Sleep & Reduce Belly Fat

5 Ways to Improve Sleep & Reduce Belly Fat


You snooze, you lose…

That popular saying is meant to spur you on to get more done. After
all, they say “you can sleep when you’re dead.”

But if you want to shed bellyfat, cutting on sleep is the last
thing you want to do.

In fact, we can turn that saying around: “You snooze more, you lose
more fat.”

There’s mounting evidence that sleep is a crucial factor in
controlling your weight.

Just this year, scientists at the University of Washington studied
the effects of sleep habits on the BMI of identical twins. BMI–Body
Mass Index–is a measure of someone’s weight to their height. A
lower number means a more healthy and leaner ratio.

In twins who had differing sleep habits, those who reported getting
more sleep had a lower BMI. That means getting enough sleep allowed
the genetic expression of “lean” genes in the more well rested twin.

There’s also evidence that lack of sleep leads to increased hunger
and cravings throughout the day, which contributes to expanding

So here are 5 quick and easy tips to improve your sleep:

1) Sleep in complete darkness

Even a small amount of light has been shown to reduce a key sleep
hormone called melatonin. Banish the bright lights of your alarm
clock and get yourself some blinds or blackout curtains for your

2) Avoid “blue” light leading up to bedtime

Light from your computer screen, TV and most overhead lights is in
the blue spectrum. Your brain reads this as mid-day light and it
inhibits the hormonal “wind down” before bed. So turn off the
electronics at least an hour before bedtime and keep the lights
dim. Ideally, buy a couple light bulbs that block blue light and
only use those near bedtime.

3) Stay cool

Your bedroom temperature should stay around 20 degrees Celsius or
70 degrees Fahrenheit. This mimics your body’s natural night time
temperature and improves your sleep quality.

4) Maintain a bedtime ritual

Come up with a ritual that leads up to lights out. And stick to it
every night. For me, I read for 20-30 minutes with a yellow
spectrum light before lights out. It helps me unwind and is a
signal to my body that sleep is nigh.

5) If you need a little help…

There are two perfectly safe supplements that are worth
experimenting with if you need a bit of extra help with your sleep.
The first, and the one to start with, is magnesium, a mineral that
plays an important role in mopping up and clearing cortisol–your
“stress” hormone. If you are magnesium deficient, your body can’t
clear the cortisol and stays in a “jacked up” state.

The other supplement to try is phosphatidyl serine. PS helps lower
cortisol levels and also calms the nervous system.

My top 5 tips for getting a solid night’s sleep. Give then a go….  I did and found that getting sleep before midnight as part of one of my Fat Loss Plans made a real difference to my fatloss, especially belly fat…


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