Three Step Plan to Shed Pounds of Unwanted Body Fat

3 weeks-7days-24hrs

Three Step Plan to Shed Pounds of Unwanted Body Fat

These 3 Steps Will Shock Your Body Into Losing Fat By Eliminating Toxic Foods, Re-gaining ‘Muscle Control,’ & Telling Your Body That You’re Ready For Change.

If you really want to lose weight and/or bodyfat, it’s time you try something a bit more ‘logical,’ where all of your bases are covered and no stone is left unturned. Diet or exercise? Both of course! (don’t trust anyone tries to convince you otherwise – long term you’ll gain more fat than you had before)

Step 1: Stop thinking about ‘fat content’ or ‘calories.’


You’ve been misled. ‘Nutrient density’ is far more important than ‘caloric intake’ — choosing the right foods results in greater energy, less cravings, and a clearer mind. As for ‘fat content,’ choose non-fat or lo-fat foods and you’ll consume way too much and end up depositing extra body fat because they don’t satisfy your need for nutrients or flavour.

You see, your body will deposit any food as fat if you eat the wrong ratio. As backwards as it seems, your body doesn’t simply deposit ‘dietary fat’ as body fat.

On the other hand, there may be certain foods you’re eating right now that get broken into sugars, which ultimately lead to greater fat storage and weight gain.

Step 2: Exercise LESS, not more — quality over quantity.


You’ve been taught to watch the calorie counters on machines while you do cardio, but they aren’t even close to accurate. In fact, they have no idea how many calories you’re burning.  Just think about it – how many people do you know that control their calorie intake, go to the gym and pedal, step, jog and row away hundreds of calories 4 or 5 days a week – EVERY week.  You know the ones – same time, same machine, same body shape…..

What’s more important is your body’s response after exercise.

As with most things in life, it’s quality over quantity — it’s all about training the muscles that will burn the most fat, change your shape, and speed your metabolism so you’re never married to a CV machine ever again.

Our workouts are varied, quick, interesting, taxing, fun, hard work and DEFINITELY work… just ask some of the clients ….

Like Julia – who lost 4 or 5 pounds in a week;

Yas who proudly showed off her 6 pack this Summer;

Ellie who is mistaken for her daughter’s sister ALL the time;

Mike & Mark who definitely needed new suits after 4 weeks training.

Karen who has lost 2 stone and looks like a trainer in her slinky kit

And me – 5 lbs of belly fat gone in 3 weeks on one of our simple plans.

Step 3: Self-communicate — your body has no idea what you’re trying to do.


Signaling fat loss is as important as your method. Your body tries to stabilize, as a means of survival. You hit your body with intensity, and it fires back with fatigue and hormonal destabilization; however, let your body know why you’re being intense, and it will help you lose fat.

It’s essential to be ready, prepared and motivated for every workout.


Have ABSOLUTE TRUST that you WILL get results.


Be Confident in YOUR ABILITY to succeed


UNDERSTAND what you are going to achieve each session


ASK questions – Learn how to prepare, how to recover, how to acknowledge results


ALWAYS RECORD your progress – don’t avoid the tape measure or the camera


BE ACCOUNTABLE for your journey.


NO EXCUSES – only YOU can put in the effort


80 – 90% EFFORT every workout





Join Us on January 7th – for a 7 Day Detox – FREE to members


It’s included in our 14 Day for £14 Plan which runs till 14th February.


You can attend classes in the studio with me or join us online for daily workouts.


A private blog will give you daily instructions, food lists, and much more.


Menu suggestions, articles and access to back ground information so you understand why you’re making the changes and getting the results.


Our plans are all tested on real people, backed by REAL science and NOT promoted by any manufacturer or supplier – in other words no hidden sales pitch.


If you live locally you can come to the studio on a Friday night or Saturday morning to be weighed, measured and photographed.


Our machine will analyse your scale weight, body fat%, hydration levels, BMI, Metabolic Age, Internal Fat% and Muscle mass for each Limb and Torso.  So you’ll know if you’re eating enough and heading in the right direction.


This 14 Day Package makes an Ideal Gift for a friend or relative – or if you’ve been out of training for 3 months or more you can treat yourself.





FITCAMP Classes Run –

Monday to Friday       06:30 – 07:10

Saturday                   08:30 – 10:00

Monday, Wednesday & Friday  09:00

Tuesday & Thursday               09:30

Monday – Thursday                19:10

Friday                                   18:10


We also run 7 weekly Pilates, Pilates Fusion and Yogalates sessions to complete your training.


Our 5 week training cycle will challenge your fitness, shock your metabolism and help you recover and relax.

NO Repeating programmes

NO Boring Cardio

LOTS of fitness toys – Med Balls, Kettle Bells, TRX, Bands & Balls


Small group training is a great way to get individual attention, get support from the group and have fun.


‘It’s like Personal Training only better – ‘cus I can afford to do it often enough for it to work!’


WARNING: These plans require effort on your part….

With respect:

  • If you’re not willing to do a bit of work, remain disciplined for a short period of time, or believe that you can actually hit your goals, you’re lost already.
  • If you think you are different to everyone else,  then you’re not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.
  • shock my clients, but I shock them into shape, safely. If you want to be my client, it’s best you prepare yourself. Fair enough?

These Fat Loss Plans will test you — with A TON of effort in the next few days, you’ll see a measurable results – no matter how fit or unfit you are. However, it’s not easy coasting, and it WILL require a lot of self-control, but only for a limited-time.


Are You ‘Truly’ Ready To Succeed?

You can decide in the next few minutes, you can booked up ready for Day 1 of 14, or 7% done with this program.

Your body can change rapidly, and you will be able to surprise yourself — but it all starts with you.


What’s The Catch?

No Catch, we even offer a Full Money Back Guarantee – does your PT or Gym do that?…

Get In Touch Soon… You Deserve a Healthy start to 2013 or by text 07831680086



Get In Touch now to register, receive you welcome pack or gift certificate….


Jaxallenfitness@gmail    email me direct for more info.

Or text me on 07831 680086





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