Girls Need Muscle Too!

Why Girls NEED Muscle too!
When you start on a fat loss program, what do usually do? Make a bee-line for the cardio equipment in order to start burning calories? Drop your calorie intake to create a calorie deficit for fat loss to occur? Drop your carbs completely? Because everyone knows low carb diets work.
If this sounds like you, you’re making some big mistakes.

The best way to guarantee that you not only lose body fat but stay lean year round is to actually switch the focus from purely fat loss to one of lean muscle gain. It’s something many women still worry about.
So let’s go over the reasons you need lean muscle and how it’s going to help you get the body of your dreams – and then keep it.

Muscle Tissue Is Metabolically Active

Lean muscle is calorie hungry. The more muscle you have, the more energy you’ll burn every single second of every single day – even when you’re asleep.
This is a big reason why men seem to have a much easier time losing body fat compared to women. Men are quickly able to burn up excess calories due to their greater lean muscle mass, so they easily create a calorie deficit.
Building lean muscle will not only boost your fat loss results, but it’ll be the best way to prevent future fat gain as well. The higher your metabolic rate is, the less strict you’ll have to be with your daily diet in order to stay leaner long-term.

Muscle Tissue Safely Stores Carbs.

Lean muscle acts as a carb storage house. If you don’t have much muscle and aren’t using what you eat the surplus immediately gets stored as body fat.
If however you work out regularly, the energy stores on your muscles are ready to be refilled. This means that the excess carbs you eat will first go to the muscle tissues for storage before you begin to store fat.
So by having more muscle, and working out more often, you can eat more carbs on a day to day basis.
If you dislike low carb dieting, building more muscle is your solution.

Muscle Tissue helps regulate blood sugar levels.
(Increase your insulin sensitivity)
This means that your body will be better able to regulate its blood glucose levels and when you do eat carbohydrates, you won’t get a blood sugar spike followed by a crash.

This can help to decrease your risk of diabetes as well as decrease the chances of fat gain over time.
If you aren’t instantly storing carbohydrates you eat as body fat (like you will if you have poor insulin sensitivity or ‘insulin resistance’), this makes it easier to sustain the lean figure you’re after.

Muscle Tissue Makes You Stronger

Finally, adding more muscle makes you strong. If you want to improve the quality of your life and make day to day functional movement easier, building more muscle is the best way to do this.
Have more muscle mass and you’ll be able to do the activities you enjoy, you’ll be more active on the whole. This increases your daily calorie burn, making weight control a doddle.

Summing up, if you want to see noticeable changes taking place in your body, week in week out, step away from the cardio machines and focus on some strength training. Building more lean muscle mass through a proper metabolic resistance training program is the number one way to

1. lose fat initially
2. combat fat regain

So ditch the cardio machines.
Follow a plan that will speed up your metabolism AND build some sleek sexy muscle.

That’s where real, lasting results are found.

Are you are still relying on cardio ?