Summer Shape Up

Summer Shape Up

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Do Pilates and Bring Your Grand Mother….

Joan chooses Pilates for her Well being.

Joan chooses Pilates for her Well being.

Get Moving and Bring Your Grand Mother…..

‘Pilates Past 50’ sessions from

“I have some older clients who can articulate their spine better than someone 20 years younger, and their fluidity of movement is expressed in a balanced body that moves confidently through space.”

To reverse the effects of aging in seniors Jax stressed that a, flexible spine, focused mind, strong core, legs and feet were essential to balance any body that is to move gracefully and youthfully.

Pilates focus on balance, flexibility, breathing and strength are some of the methods’ key concepts that help oil the joints and condition the body and mind to reverse the effects of ageing.

British journalist, broadcaster and politician Joan Bakewell is now in her seventies and has been doing Pilates for over a decade. Pilates, she says ‘ I want stability.’

Bakewells senior Pilates workouts gives her “a tremendous sense of well-being.” Pilates addresses almost all of her functional needs at this stage in her life. “I didn’t want exercises that left me puffing and red in the face, nor did I want to pound machines.’

‘What I wanted was Subtlety, thoughtfulness and at my own place in a quiet and peaceful setting.”

Jax Allen offers Pilates and other fitness training to combat the effects of ageing, stress and improve well-being in Cheltenham and Gloucester for everyone no matter what age or ability level.

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4 Minute Fad Sweeps Fitness Industry?

There’s a ‘new’4 minute addiction that’s sweeping the nation that’s
proven to be BETTER than 30 minutes of normal, boring cardio.

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using
workout “finishers” style of training against long cardio.

(Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Sep 20.)

– 22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks
in one of three groups.

Group A: did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate

Group B: did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees,
jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds
of rest between rounds.

Group C: did nothing (they were the non-training control group).

Results: Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels
by the SAME amount (about 7-8%).

That’s right, the short workout finishers (of ONLY 4 minutes)
worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio!

So it IS possible to get healthy in just a few minutes a week.

Shocking? Yes, but that’s not all.

ONLY Group B, the workout finishers style training, increased
muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg
extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

And finally, this intense but brief training method used by Group B
also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment.

Make sure you read that last sentence one more time IT IS KEY…

Enjoyment is VITAL to consistency when it comes to any hobby or interest. Exercise is no different – otherwise you’ll never follow through and get the results you need for a healthy life.

The Canadian Scientists concluded that “extremely low volume body-
weight interval-style training” will boost cardiovascular fitness just as
well as common cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscle

All in only 4 minutes.

My training system (est. 2009) includes ‘finishers’ and ‘sizzlers’ that offer these benefits, ensuring fantastic results for my clients. Including fast & furious, short bursts into the many styles of metabolic sessions I offer.

And best of all, my clients don’t have to change what they do- I constantly change workouts to prevent boredom and guarantee results!

I add “Finishers” to my favorite workouts to double results and create a 38 to 48 hour “after-burn”…

And still NO cardio.

My secret weapon is “finishers” the way we end or ‘Sizzle’ through our workouts is essential for long term Fatloss.

So don’t be surprised when you find yourself with NEW definition in muscles
you haven’t seen before after trying my system.

If fact I’m so sure you’ll get fast shape-up results I offer 100% money back guarantee!

I believe in my system- so will you!
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7 Day Fat Flush

The 7 Day Flat FLUSH Strategy

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

Spring time is right around the corner!

And you know what that means…

Bikini season is coming upon us – and QUICKLY!

So if you’re looking for the best ways to boost your metabolism to look good in your bikini this season, then do we have a solution for you!

Below, you will find the Top Ways to BUST Fat – For GOOD!

Top Four Ways to BUST Fat

Now, in order to bust fat, you need to eat the right foods, exercise at the right intensity, and drink the right liquids.

And you may think this is because they contain nutrients that boost weight loss and encourage fat burning.

I’m here to tell you…

You’re RIGHT!

There are certain foods that your body needs in order to burn fat.

And it’s not just the foods that are important, but what’s IN the foods that incinerates belly fat – FOR GOOD!

So without further ado, here are four ways to BUST belly fat…

1. Watermelon

Besides being a staple during spring and summer time, watermelon contains fat busting nutrients that your body craves.

The majority of watermelon is water, which may hydrate your body, plus fill you up leaving you feeling full and satisfied.

And it contains Arginine – an amino acid – that research has shown may boost your fat burning.

In fact, studies have shown that mice supplemented with Arginine were 30 percent less likely to gain fat over a 12-week period.

2. Eat MORE Fish

Nothing helps weight loss more than having adequate levels of protein.

And you can’t find a better source of protein than fatty, wild-caught fish like salmon.

Besides the fact that it is a great source of protein, fatty fish also contains fat-busting omega-3 fatty acids, which some studies suggest, may help you burn extra fat.

You may be asking, “how?”

Some studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids, like the kind found in fish, nuts, and krill oil, may stimulate adiponectin secretion but slowing down the inflammation of your fat cells.

Be sure to include fish into your weekly menu at least TWO or THREE days per week.

3. Dress Up Your Salad (for a night on the town)

Salads are a great low-calorie option to have on the side or as a meal.

It provides the right vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary for you to burn fat.

But plain salad lacks taste, so what you should be doing is dressing it up!

That’s right! Add some vinaigrette and olive oil to your salad for not only a great tasting meal, but for even greater fat burning.

Olive oil has essential fats that are perfect for increasing your fat loss!

Even more, vinaigrette contains potent nutrients that some studies have shown may lower weight and alter blood lipid levels – for the BETTER!

4. Eat More – To Burn More Fat

A lot of people – when they are trying to lose weight – tend to cut calories to dangerously low levels.

And when this happens, besides starvation, you may find yourself storing MORE fat instead of burning it.


When your body perceives that it is starving – it may end up storing your fat than burning it – all because your body could be programmed to do just that!

So the best advice is to INCREASE your calories if you want to burn fat.

This will not only provide your body with the right amount of nutrients, but will also BUST the fat straight off your body.

Take Home Message

If you’re looking for the best ways to burn fat, then these FOUR tips are for you!

Not only are they easy to implement into your day, week, month, or year, but they are practical fat loss solutions that anyone can include.

Start burning FAT today!

Curtesy of Prograde a great spires of healthy supplements for weight control, fat loss and fitness.

#2 Beat Ageing

2 Beat Ageing
Step 2: Stop Spinning: You’re Just Spinning Your Wheels

Spinning classes can be fun, if you like sitting in one place and torturing yourself. But have you noticed how little people change their bodies in these classes? Sure, it’s good “cardio”, but cardiovascular conditioning can be gained with far less time and effort.

Spinning, and any form of endurance training (especially running) does very little to help the age reversal process. Many times, these long-duration exercise bouts accelerate the aging process by increasing free radicals. These free radicals are scavengers that prey on your body’s essential nutrients and tissues.

There’s a smart way to exercise.. more of that later.

You can get all the cardio training you need while working on your sexy body.
There really is NO need to waste your precious time on a treadmill, cycle or rower!!
A current research shows that if you run for 30 mins a day you will get the exactly 30 mins added to your lifespan – not such a great deal- especially if you don’t like running!

More anti- ageing tips soon.

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Beat Ageing #1

1 Beat ageing

Step 1: Forget Low-Fat Diets

Low fat everything has been the craze now for decades and look around. What has that wonderful bit of advice done for the bodies you see? We’re fatter, sicker, and more addicted to sugar and carbs than any other time in history. And, we’re passing these habits to our kids.

Fats are not to be feared – they’re to be embraced. They do not make you fat; rather, they help your body regenerate your power hormones. Testosterone, the ‘strength’ hormone, for example, is the direct result of cholesterol and dietary fat intake. That’s right: “Cholesterol” isn’t a dirty word! Your body needs dietary fat and cholesterol in order to produce ANY AND ALL vital hormones.

People on low fat diets look drawn, gaunt, and weak. They are often sick, sometimes to the point of literally breaking down. And, they never enjoy eating out. Every meal and every gram must be accounted for. Do you really think this will make you younger? Of course not… it will worry you to death if it doesn’t kill you first!

Choose healthy fats to add into your youthful diet.
Fats help reduce cravings, prevent binging and fill you up.

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6 Simple Rules For Cheat Meals

this might be more than ONE portion?

6 Rules For Cheat Meals

1. NEVER ever, ever eat a cheat meal on your own

2. You’re allowed to cheat on 10% of your meals at MOST

3. Your cheat meal window is exactly 1 hour

4. Eat until full, but never more

5. Put your knife & fork down and chew your food

6. Avoid foods that “give you trouble”

After struggling to plan and control cheat meals, I’ve discovered these 6 simple guidelines will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your cheat meal without slowing your progress or putting your long term nutrition strategy at risk.

Mmmm, think I might pass on the personal 9" cake, thanks

Mmmm, think I might pass on the personal 9″ cake, thanks
Let’s run through them quickly…

1. NEVER ever, ever eat a cheat meal on your own: The joy of food is tied very strongly to socialization. Don’t waste a cheat meal by eating it on your own. Also, eating with others provides a bit of natural constraint. You’re less likely to make a total pig of yourself if you’re in polite company. But when you’re on your own you’re more likely to turn into a bottomless pit.

2. You’re allowed to cheat with 10% of your meals at MOST: Out of every 10 meals you eat, only ONE can be a cheat meal. Ideally it’ll be even less, but that’s your max. At first, you should make a tally in your journal just to make sure you don’t go over your limit. But eventually you’ll just get a feel for the natural rhythm of your cheats.


3, Your cheat meal window is exactly 1 hour:

Just like the 10% rule, this rule quantifies your cheat meals for you. Look at your watch when you sit down and start your meal. When 60 minutes are up- they’re up. You won’t do too much damage in an hour. But it’s so easy to let one cheat meal turn into a day with 5-6 hours of grazing on empty calories. And that can definitely dig into your progress and even set off days worth of cravings.

4. Eat until full, but never more: This one is tough for a lot of people—especially at first. You go into your cheat meal thinking you have to make the most of it, because you’ll be going back on your “diet” afterward. But that’s not what a cheat meal is about. It’s about variety and letting loose a bit, not about pigging out. At worst, only 9 meals will go by before you get to do it again! But more importantly, you’ll learn to enjoy the process of eating healthy whole foods 90% of the time. Remember, we’re building a new lifestyle, not going on a “diet.”

5, Put your fork down and chew your food: I don’t know about you, but I get downright excited over a cheat meal. So it’s easy to get carried away and scoff your food down like you won’t see food ever again. But that’s daft? Your delicious dining experience is done in 5 minutes flat! Drag it out a bit. Put your fork down between each bite. Savour each mouthful as you chew it rather than swallowing it whole. Take the time to consciously “taste” every bite.

6, Avoid foods that “give you trouble”: If you stop and think about it, you’ll come to realize that certain foods are problematic for you. Maybe you feel sluggish after you eat them. Or perhaps you get bloating or gas. It might be you’ve got some sort of food intolerance or even allergy related to that food. Eating it will cause irritation and lead to both an immune reaction and inflammation in your body. That signals your body to store fat, especially around the belly.

There you have it, 6 rules to live by if you want to cheat—guilt free.

What about you? Share your stories—the good, the bad and the ugly—about your personal relationship with cheat meals. Any tips? Cautionary advice? Let me know…

Jax x

Fat Burning Myth #2

this skinny model definitely avoided resistance training!!!

this skinny model definitely avoided resistance training!!!

#2. Fat Loss Myth

DO NOT Lift Weights 
What they say: You may get bulky, stronger, but won’t burn as many calories when compared to doing aerobic exercise. in a way that’s true – because you won’t burn as many calories while you move heavy things about – but what happens for the other 23 hours a day is more important.
What really happens: There is no better way to get stronger, LEANER, and more shapely than by lifting weights in combination with a healthy cardiovascular program.
Use It or Lose It
When you don’t use the muscle, you are in danger of losing the muscle, meaning if you avoid resistance training you will preserve your fat stores and use your muscles for fuel.
What does that do?
Your metabolism slows down as you lose muscle, leaving you burning calories at a snail’s pace instead of like an over excited 3 year old.
Here’s the deal: Strength training builds and maintains lean muscle mass on your body.
Lean muscle mass is your metabolism-boosting tissue!
In fact, if you have a low amount of lean mass and high fat mass, then chances are, your metabolism will be sluggish, and you will struggle to lose weight and or fat and will probably NEVER keep it off..
Include a little bit of strength training and you will find you have definition in places you didn’t even know existed, plus, you may find you’re hungrier during the day.
[You should be hungry at meal times – otherwise why are you eating? think about that one.   Most of us are never hungry – and eat for all kinds of other reasons  – like habit, tradition, sadness, celebration, anger, frustration the list goes on.]
Feeling hungry is a good sign that you have boosted your metabolism by increasing your lean muscle mass.  So start moving heavy things around, get out your resistance bands and make your muscle work hard.  Wake up starving in the morning!!
Eat Clean, Train Hard, Get Great Results
Jax x

Fat Burning Myth #1

#1 Fat Burning Myth
The “Fat Burning” Heart Rate Zone

What it’s supposed to do: Supposedly, exercising at a lower intensity will end up burning fat, since you are using more of your fatty acids as the main energy source.

What Really Happens: when you exercise at low, moderate, or high intensities, you are burning both fat and glucose (stored sugar in your blood, liver, and muscles,) but at different proportions.

Low-intensity exercise does burn more fat compared to glucose, but what is doesn’t do is burn a lot of CALORIES.

And that is the main purpose to weight loss: burning more calories than you are taking in. The fat burning zone continues to be a topic of debate due to its ability to burn fat, but not burn a lot of calories.

What You Should Be Doing: moderate- to higher-intensity exercise. Both moderate- and high-intensity exercise burns a greater proportion of glucose compared to fat. But it makes up for it by burning a TON more calories.

And when it comes to weight loss, well, that is the name of the game! Besides that, higher-intensity exercise burns more calories AFTER

the workout is over, due to the increased oxygen and nutrient demand. So it keeps your metabolism elevated in order to “repay” its debt – mostly by using your stored fat.

And this can last anywhere between 24, 48, or even 72 hours! So you turn into a fat burning MACHINE!

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What does your Favourite Breakfast Look Like?

Saw this and know it will help you…

University Of Missouri Unveils Secret To Belly Fat Loss?

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

By now, you’ve probably heard that breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day!

If you haven’t, well, I have news for you: IT IS!

Besides breakfast teeming with vitamins, minerals, good fats, high fiber, and healthy fats, breakfast should be part of any weight loss, body slimming, or diet plan.


Over the years, research has shown that skipping breakfast not only tanks your energy levels, but it may also lead to weight gain and poor appetite control.

So, the first step to losing weight, maintaining weight, or preventing weight gain would be to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast.

And if you can get that first step down, every day, then you will be well on your way to a tighter, slimmer you!

But what’s the BEST breakfast to have…

High Protein Breakfast and Appetite Control

So, you were told you need to eat breakfast more often in order to prevent weight gain.

You stumble downstairs and open up the fridge and cupboards, trying your best to find something healthy, yet satisfying to eat for breakfast.

You see the oatmeal…

You grab some jam and bread for toast.

You snatch up some fresh fruit from the drawers…

But wait is there something else that you’re missing?

The protein!

Studies suggest that higher-protein breakfasts may not only fill you up, but may leave you satisfied for longer periods of time.


The simple process of digesting protein may send a signal to your brain, therefore boosting the release of satiety hormones.

This simple trick – adding more protein to your breakfast (or any meal) – may lead to better appetite control, satisfaction after your meal, and better control during evening eating or snacking times.

And there is research to back it up!

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise and Physiology discovered that a breakfast HIGH in protein delivered more results than a normal protein, or skipping breakfast.

Here’s what they found:

– The simple act of eating breakfast reduced daily hunger between meals compared to skipping breakfast.

– The high-protein breakfast resulted in greater daily fullness, compared to both normal protein and skipping breakfast.

– High protein breakfasts increased peptide YY concentrations, and reduced ghrelin levels (ghrelin is a hormone released by your body that stimulates hunger and, on the other hand, peptide YY is produced by your gut and has been shown to reduce appetite).

– Both protein breakfasts reduced brain activity associated with hunger drive and preoccupations with foods and feeding.

– And this reduced brain activity resulted in less evening snacking and better overall meal satisfaction.

What did they conclude?

“These data suggest that the addition of breakfast, particularly one rich in protein, might be a useful strategy to improve satiety, reduce food motivation and reward, and improve diet quality in overweight or obese teenage girls.”

Start Your Day Off Right!

Having a healthy breakfast, one that contains protein, healthy fats, simple carbohydrates, and a good portion of complex carbohydrates, may help you lose weight and reduce hunger throughout the day.

An example of a healthy breakfast could be as follows (everyone is different):

half an avocado
one serving of sprouted grain bread
one cup of thin skin berries

As you can see from this breakfast above, it contains adequate protein, healthy fats, fiber, and simple carbs.

And this could make a perfect appetite-suppressing meal, one that boosts the RIGHT hormones for satisfaction, therefore leading to less hunger during the day and less snacking at night!

What does your ideal breakfast look like?

Enjoy Jax xx