Injury holding you back?

Letting an injury keep you out of the gym ?
If you injure your shoulder, or leg, or any limb for that matter, you still have three healthy limbs and a core to train! You can almost always train around an injury, so don’t let an angry shoulder or knee keep you from training the rest of your body.
When you train, you maintain your strength and muscle, expend some calories, and get a nice hormone response from the session. Training a non-injured limb can provide you with a 30% carry-over to your injured limb, which may help it recover and will help you keep up strength and fitness in that limb so it’s not so far behind when you train it again.
A good coach will be able to adapt or swap exercises to guarantee a good session for you.
So don’t let a niggling injury hold you back.
However, sometimes you need therapy to solve your problem area. I can arrange in- house sports massage with Sandra and Physio with Nikki.
So, don’t let a little injury stop you from working towards the Summer Body of your dreams.
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