Fat Burning Myth #1

#1 Fat Burning Myth
The “Fat Burning” Heart Rate Zone

What it’s supposed to do: Supposedly, exercising at a lower intensity will end up burning fat, since you are using more of your fatty acids as the main energy source.

What Really Happens: when you exercise at low, moderate, or high intensities, you are burning both fat and glucose (stored sugar in your blood, liver, and muscles,) but at different proportions.

Low-intensity exercise does burn more fat compared to glucose, but what is doesn’t do is burn a lot of CALORIES.

And that is the main purpose to weight loss: burning more calories than you are taking in. The fat burning zone continues to be a topic of debate due to its ability to burn fat, but not burn a lot of calories.

What You Should Be Doing: moderate- to higher-intensity exercise. Both moderate- and high-intensity exercise burns a greater proportion of glucose compared to fat. But it makes up for it by burning a TON more calories.

And when it comes to weight loss, well, that is the name of the game! Besides that, higher-intensity exercise burns more calories AFTER

the workout is over, due to the increased oxygen and nutrient demand. So it keeps your metabolism elevated in order to “repay” its debt – mostly by using your stored fat.

And this can last anywhere between 24, 48, or even 72 hours! So you turn into a fat burning MACHINE!

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