Top 3 Foods to Fight Colds AND Burn Fat

The Top Three Foods to Fight Colds AND Burn Fat

1. Garlic

Once used to ward off vampires, garlic has a long history of fighting off infections and boosting weight loss.

In fact, garlic was used to fight off dangerous infections – like the plague – before the invention of modern medicine.

Besides the fact that garlic is full of vitamin C, it also contains Allicin, which is considered by some to be nature’s antibiotic.

Not only can it fight infections, but it may also reduce inflammation, which could make it easier for your fat cells to release its stored fats.

And this could stimulate greater weight loss!

2. Hot Peppers

The pungent component of hot peppers – capsaicin – has been shown to, not only help with congestion, but may also stimulate greater weight loss.

Capsaicin has been used for a number of years in cooking to spice up foods.

Now, it has also been shown to boost thermogenesis, which may help you burn extra fat!

3. Onions

Very similar to garlic, onions are packed full of vitamin C and other compounds that may prevent harmful bacteria and toxins from invading your body.

Plus, onions are low calorie and a great addition to soups, stews, and salads as a way to boost your immune system and as a low-calorie option for fighting fat gain.