2. Keep a Food Journal

These are the top tips from people that all lost over 50lbs.

2. Keep a Food Journal

Write down everything that goes into your mouth. Most people are surprised to see how much they actually eat. It isn’t until you write it down that you began to realize the cause and effect of what you are putting into your body.

Choose 3 days that represent your normal routine. So, maybe a busy work day, a rest day and a social day. Note down when and where you eat, how hungry you feel (1-10), your mood, how happy you feel (1-10).

You’ll realise that you often eat for many reasons other than hunger. You may realise you don’t balanced meals ver often. You might notice that you eat badly when you miss a meal.

Try it, you’ll learn a lot about your eating habits, be able to plan better and avoid mistakes in the future.