Hit a Fat Loss Plateau?

Fat Loss Plateau

If you’ve been putting the time AND the effort into your workouts but seem to have hit a plateau in your results, it’s time to take a good look at your diet plan.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you BACK on track 🙂

While having your workout in order is essential for success, some people assume that if they aren’t seeing results their workout program is to blame.

Often their workout is not to blame at all, but rather, the fact that their diet plan needs some modifications for further changes to happen.

You can break through this plateau by turning to good nutrition instead of changing your workout around yet again. I believe your kitchen is the first step.

Why Do You Reach A Plateau?

Let’s begin by understanding why you reach a plateau in the first place, often its because your body has simply adapted to what you’ve been giving it. Your energy balance has levelled off.

Just when it finally started to work… Your results stall.

This can mean that you need to put more effort into your workouts to challenge your body, or more likely, the foods you’re eating don’t have you burning up body fat or building lean muscle tissue.

So a simple change to either of these factors will get you back on track to success.

How To Bust Through A Plateau By Changing Your Workout

If you haven’t changed your workout in quite some time, this is the route to go.

You can do this by increasing your workout intensity
– lifting more weight
– increasing the speed you work
– reducing your rest between exercises
– changing the exercises you’re doing altogether.

All of these will stimulate your body and your plateau will be a thing of the past.

Top Strategies Improve Your Diet Plan

If you don’t feel it’s a workout problem that’s causing the plateau, then it’s time to look at your nutrition plan.

If you’re struggling to build lean muscle mass
– add more healthy, nutrient dense calories to your meal plans.

If you’re finding it difficult to reduce bodyfat
– eat a bit more protein and a few less carbs and dietary fats.
– make sure that your food choices are as unprocessed as possible for optimal results.

Whenever you make significant change to your eating plan allow 2 weeks as a ‘test’ then measure your results and then make further changes if you need to.

So there you have some quick and simple tips to get your healthy meal plans on track and help you bust through frustrating plateaux.

Make a few simple and considered changes and you’ll be right back on track to seeing the results you’re after.