All Calories Are NOT Equall!

This is THE biggest misconception causing you to struggle with dieting and fat-burning.


In fact, everyone from your doctor right down to your favourite friend is probably encouraging you to make this costly calorie mistake. Don’t fall for it…

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– by Ryan Faehnle

International Fatloss Consultant

CSCS, FMS, PICP, BioSignature & PIMST

S&C Coach, Miami University, 2005 – 2011

Did you know that doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists, nurses and even the government are unintentionally (I hope…) giving you the WORST possible weightloss advice?

In fact, 99.9% of them STILL believe this outdated information is relevant, and they stick to this “common wisdom” despite a huge mountain of evidence that it’s flat out WRONG.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, in some way, shape or form. It goes something like this…

“Eat less and move more.”

Sounds logical, right?

Calories in vs. calories out.

We’ve all heard that this simple equation is the key to getting a lean, hard body. And that substituting lower-calorie foods for high-calorie options is the key to having the body of your dreams.

100 calorie package of Oreos anyone?

But if this were true…

Why are “calorie-counters” still fat?

As a society, we’ve been calorie conscious for over 4 decades. And we just keep getting fatter.

So do calories even matter? Is there more that you need to know?

The fact is, the concept of calorie counting has many flaws. But one CRITICAL mistake makes it nearly impossible for you to lose bodyfat with this approach.

So what’s the big mistake?

Calorie counting does not take into account the hormonal effect of food.

Most people who try low calorie diets end up eating foods that set off a cascade of “fat-storing hormones.”

For example, let’s compare eating 200 calories from a high-carb energy bar with eating 200 calories from organic butter.

Which of those choices is going to make you fatter?

If you said butter, you’re not alone. 9 times out of 10, the average person will make the same guess. After all, it’s what you’re lead to believe with elaborate food marketing, pseudo-science experts, and celebrity fitness personalities.

Sure, it’s the same 200 calories, but here is what happens hormonally…

When you eat the high-carb energy bar, your body secretes insulin in response to the elevated blood sugar. Insulin is a “building” hormone – in other words it is fat-storing. It takes the sugar in your blood and drives it into fat cells, making them bigger.

The butter, on the other hand, blunts insulin, leading to a more sustained energy release and a feeling of fullness. But that’s not all, the butter actually sends signals to your body to BURN bodyfat.

So… same calories in both, but certainly not the same reaction in your body!

Unfortunately, many of the commonly recommended “low calorie” health foods are exactly the ones that set off that cascade of fat-STORING hormones. So no matter how low you take your calories, you end up becoming a fat-hoarding machine.

So do calories matter?

Yes, in the big scheme of things, calories do matter. BUT, the hormonal effect of the foods you eat is far more important.

To optimize your hormonal response to food, eat plenty of protein & tons of vegetables. Load up on healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and organic full-fat butter. And reserve “starchy” carbohydrate intake to the hour immediately after your hardest weight training workouts, and ONE weekly cheat meal.

Don’t make the mistake of obsessing over the minutiae of calorie-counting without first getting your hormones in check. It will only lead to a mediocre body, endless frustration, a dead metabolism, and guaranteed rebound weight gain.

And by eating the RIGHT kinds of calories, you also prime the ONE type of cell in your body that can give you a fast metabolism and unlock near-effortless fatloss.

Sound familiar- if you train with me or attend my workshops you will have heard some of this before. I use these principles to manipulate your nutrition and hormone stays so th will be much more likely to burn fat – every week, week in week out- no plateaux, no starving, no problem

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See Yourself Clearly


You know how it feels to move into a new home or get a new car or upgrade to a new computer? You like it but it still doesn’t feel like yours. Your old model had its flaws but you knew how to use it, you were comfortable with it. A similar situation when you lose weight.

you may have spent so long living in a heavy body that when you do lose weight, you can’t believe that the skinny person in the mirror is actually you.

This critical time period, when your mind tries to catch up to your body, is where many revert to old habits.

Doubt creeps in, along with a feeling of unworthiness. Though it may be hard to believe, for many of you, it’s almost as if you were more comfortable being bigger.


THE SOLUTION: While your exercise and nutrition may bring about the body transformation you want, the second – and equally important – part of that transition is the emotional and mental work you must do to adjust to your new body.

I believe its essential to take pictures of yourself throughout the process. They’ll remind you how much you’ve done to earn your new, better body.

Take a few minutes most mornings to look at those old pictures, and compare them to what you see in the mirror. This simple exercise of comparing the old you to the new you will reinforce that this is who you are meant to be. you will adjust to your leaner, sleeker shape. You’ll know that you have the body you worked for and deserve. You’re not an imposter.

Smart phones are good for this, take monthly photos in a full length mirror ad you work towards your goal. Review them regularly, you’ll stay on track and recognise your new shape and believe your ability to change.

Don’t ever think it’s vain, or silly, it’s a really important factor in resetting your view and understanding of who and what you are!

You are NOT a fat person that has lost some weight…
You ARE a slim, fit person!!