Cardio DAMAGES Your Heart, Joints, and Back

Cardio DAMAGES Your Heart, Joints, and Back

Some of this article is a little extreme in it’s point of view- but the basics see to be gaining more and more scientific support and evidence!

In 1977, Jim Fixx published The Complete Book of Running. In 1984, Jim Fixx died of a massive heart after his daily run.

He was 52 years old.

Fixx is the misguided man behind the entire cardio craze.

He’s the guy behind our dangerous obsession with cardio.


Now, scientists realize how insane Fixx’s exercise guidance really was. If you struggle with your weight and still do cardio…then it’s not your fault.

Even Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the founder of aerobics, recently admitted that he was WRONG about cardio. In his latest book, he said there is “no correlation between ‘aerobic’ endurance performance and healthy, longevity or protection against heart disease.”


You’ve been LIED to…

And this lie has put your health in jeopardy.

If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as Jim Fixx, then you need to pay close attention now.


Your life is at risk.

You see, cardio overworks your heart and can lead to death by massive heart attack, all because your body has not evolved to handle long, slow and boring cardio.

The man who ran the first marathon, the Greek soldier Pheidippides, dropped dead as he arrived in Athens with news of victory. We weren’t meant to run marathons.

You’ve heard about young, seemingly healthy marathon runners suddenly dying during their races. And yet people still run to “be healthy.”

That’s crazy right?

Take Normann Stadler for example. Stadler was a previous Ironman winner and serious cardio enthusiast. In 2011, he underwent emergency surgery to repair an enormous aortic aneurysm. He had ruined his heart by doing too much cardio.

John Mandrola, a heart doctor, said “Studies have shown elevated levels of coronary plaque in serial marathoners – a problem that rigorous exercise theoretically could cause. Heart disease comes from inflammation and if you’re constantly, chronically inflaming yourself, never letting your body heal, why wouldn’t there be a relationship between over exercise and heart disease?”

Kelly Barrett, a 43 year old mother of 3 suffered from cardiac arrest during the Chicago Marathon. She died a few days later.

Carlos Jose Gomes of Brazil collapsed shortly after finishing the New York City Marathon. Cause of death? Heart attack.

Ryan Shay, an Olympic Marathon hopeful, died suddenly during the early stages of the Olympic Trials Marathon in New York City.

Dr. Matthew Hardy, age 50, died after running the New York City Marathon.

And those are just a few of the people that cardio has killed in recent years.

This saddens and frustrates me because these deaths were completely avoidable.

So not only does cardio damage your heart, it also wrecks your joints.

When running, did you know that every time your foot hits the treadmill it experiences 3 times your bodyweight in impact stress?

That means that if you weigh 200 pounds, every stride you take puts 600 pounds of pressure on your legs and back.

What do you think happens next?


Your joints aren’t used to having 600 pounds of pressure on them. Your cartilage breaks down and you get searing pain in your knees, hips, ankles, feet and back.

Every single step sends a shockwave through your entire lower body which can cripple you. You’ve seen former runners suffer and limp along. They need knee replacements at 45 or have chronic overuse injuries that prevent them from walking without pain.

Do you want that?


Cardio is a recipe for being crippled – or dead – in middle age. Yet the fitness industry still tries to convince you that doing this dangerous activity is good for your health.

Did you know that the 2nd most common cause of baby boomer doctor visits are sport’s related injuries? As people get older, the consequences of their cardio come back to bite them in the butt. Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital even gave it a catchy name: “Boomeritis.”

He also said: “Baby boomers are falling apart – developing tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis.”

You could end up spending your “golden years” shuffling around in a walker and look ancient before your time.

I don’t even need to tell you how expensive orthopedic surgery can be. Your cardio could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in surgery, rehabilitation and job loss because you can’t work anymore.

And that’s if a heart attack from cardio doesn’t kill you first.

Essential Fat Loss Advice

For Fat Loss You Need To Exercise…


Yes, exercise, physical activity, get your body moving…

What advice should you give to your friends and family?

Whatever you call it, it should be part of a healthier lifestyle.

1. Exercise does wonders, not only for weight loss, but for ALL sorts of things in your body.

You have a release of good, positive, mood enhancing hormones…

You reduce the “bad” things in your body (like inflammation, LDL cholesterol, stress, FAT, etc.)…

And you gain hood posture, strength and a better shape while you’re doing it!

In the long run, exercise burns calories, strengthens your bones, and may even give stability to your joints.

If they are serious about losing weight, then exercise will be a key to helping them develop a healthier lifestyle and boosting weight loss.

2. You Need to Reduce STRESS…


Times have changed since the beginning of time, since the cavemen were around, or even your grandparent’s time.

Society today is always in a rush…

Deadlines, busy family and work schedules, and traffic commutes consume our lives now.

You may go a little faster to get to work to avoid being late…

You may rush all over town, running kids, friends, and family to appointments, games, etc…

And what does this add up to?


And this can be a deal killer when it comes to weight loss!

Stress does nothing but increase cortisol levels, which makes storing nutrients as FAT – so much easier!

So you can tell your friends: slow down! Enjoy life a little!

The more stress you possess, the less successful you’ll be in losing weight – and keeping it off!

3. You Need to Sleep More…

This one goes hand-in-hand with the tip above.

With schedules, demands, and other things ruling your life, there is less time for activities that you may enjoy – namely sleep!

You get up earlier…

You go to bed later…

Or you have so much stress that it disrupts your sleep!

Sleep is vitally important to everyone – but more so when you are trying to lose weight.

Losing sleep not only puts you in a fog for the rest of the day, but it raises ghrelin – a potent stimulator of your appetite – which may make you crave high-carbohydrate, nutrient-dense, junk food.

And that spells trouble for your FAT LOSS!


4. Give Yourself a Break…

You need to tell them not to be so hard on themselves if they miss a day, miss a weigh-in, or have that food that they know they shouldn’t have.

They are only human, and frankly, people make mistakes!

Instead of slamming themselves and ruining their progress, they need to reward themselves for a job well done.

Maybe they made it all week before they had that certain food…

Or maybe they exercised three days a week, if they never exercised before…

Whatever they find positive, may do wonders for their confidence, motivation, desire, and most of all, their RESULTS!

The Great Weight-Loss Mystery

So you see, weight loss is really no mystery at all!

If you tell people these things above, then chances are they may be more successful at losing FAT – and keeping it off.

Now, these are just tips – rules if you will – that may encourage weight loss, better overall results, and may lead to a healthier lifestyle.

But of course, there are a few others things that will guarantee fat loss and help keep it off…

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