Metabolism Workshop 2013

Last Friday evening a few of my clients and I got together to discuss some new and many established ideas around boosting and fixing challenged metabolisms.

It was an interesting evening, as usual my note pack was more like a short book – 90 pages – sorry if you printed it out!

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Some interesting questions led us to discovering practical ways to solve sleep problems, cravings for sweet foods and controlling blood sugar plus many more.

I will try to address the common themes that came out of our evening- as I know they affect many of us living in this modern, Stressful, time pressed world.

Last week I attended LIW – leisure Industry Week show at the National Exhibition Centre. 2 days of which were also the REPs ( register of exercise professionals) National Conference.

It was an informative 2 days, full of great lectures from people that have been in this industry, researchers, practitioners, and teachers for as long as me! (that’s YEARS)

So much of the current research supports exactly the ideas I buy into. It’s always nice to know you’re still on the right track – no silly gimmicks or fads- just good science.

The Geek in me loves the technical, chemical and data but the Teacher in me demands the practical application for real people.


Question 1.
Sleep- what tips do have to improve it?

Question 2.
Why is it so important for fat loss?

Question 3.
How do I know when I need more?

Let’s look at Q2 first- because if you don’t know why it’s vital for your health, why bother about it?!

So, sleep well and you will….
– think clearly
– be at the top of your game every day
– have energy without stimulants
– train harder
– recover quicker
– have less cravings
– balance your hormones
– improve your digestion
– normal hunger patterns

Sleep is the natural re-set for your body. It’s when your body repairs, rebuilds and recovers from whatever you do through the day. Without proper deep, uninterrupted sleep- not the shallow, restless few hours that most of us get! – our systems struggle to work properly.


Poor Sleep leads to…..
– imbalanced hormones
– cravings for sweet and starchy snacks
– a feeling that you are never full
– fuzzy head
– bad time management
– belly fat
– low energy
– low motivation
– need for stimulants like caffeine, etc
– use of sleep button
– no appetite through the day
– tendency to binge at night

So you can see sorting your sleep is as important as any nutritional or activity plan you decide to follow!

So here are my tips….
1. Blackout your bedroom
2. No electricals near your bed (2m)
3. Keep it cool
4. No screens for 60mins before bed
5. Mood lighting for 60mins before bed
6. No stimulants 3-4 hrs before bed
( caffeine, alcohol, energy drinks, exercise, etc)
7. Practise relaxation breathing techniques
8. Leave work tasks out of the bedroom
9. Read fiction
10. Supplement Magnesium
11. Always Hydrate
12. Learn to Meditate

If you find you wake through the night, have trouble getting to sleep or feel dreadful most mornings you need to address your sleep issues.

Bad sleep will hinder your fat loss and really mess up your hormones. Don’t think because you manage on 4-6 hours that you don’t need more, sleep studies show that we ALL need about 8 hrs good quality sleep. Within that you will get periods of lighter sleep and long periods of deep sleep.

There’s an App for that….
Use your smart phone or tablet (temporarily) to measure your sleep patterns- you will see over a week or so your waking pattern. Change your environment- internal (nutritional) and external (environmental) and see what works for you.

Sleep better – you will Feel the difference!

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