Crazy Diet Is Just Wrong!

We all want to feel fabulous, every day- not just when we’ve had a holiday or after a day or two at the spa!

Who should we trust for reliable, real life, do-able advise? All we want is to feel energetic pain free, and not fall apart before our time!


Problem, there’s so much conflicting information out there, we feel overloaded, confused and overwhelmed. What do we do? We decide to do NOTHING!

I was talking to one of my heart group today… He has, as many older adults have, more than one condition to manage. Diabetes, Heart Disease and Asthma.

While exercising we were discussing food choices and fat loss. I found myself trying to help him and the others in the group to calm their confusion, and make them feel enthusiastic about food again.


Conflicting advise only makes us restrict everything, feel deprived, give up and then binge.
Sound familiar!?

Diabetes Nurse –
” restrict fruit and sweet foods – eat more carbs”
Heart Nurse –
” restrict fats and carbs – eat more fruit and veg”
Fitness Instructor –
” restrict sugars and starchy carbs – eat more fruit & veg, protein and healthy fats”

Which advise you you follow?
I’m biased!

Over the next few days I’ll explain what happens when you follow each version of these ‘Ideal’ diets and why you need to abandon food fads ‘Sold’ to you in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. I can hear you saying, so it’ll all change again in 5 minutes, yes it will. I want it to, not to confuse and make you even more worried about what you eat- but as good scientific studies are completed we will understand why Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease are modern plagues.

You will see that by swapping foods, moderating portion sizes and staying active (not exercising to exhaustion) you can make real changes to your health status. So if you’re trying really hard, avoiding every food you like to eat and still cannot shift a pound, or you have less than 10lbs to lose and are getting no-where or maybe you are training hard and can’t send any change fir your effort…. Watch out for the next few posts.

Take Aways- think about what type of foods and when you crave them. (We’ll discuss your answers)

Your body is an intelligent, complex and intricate machine – we need to listen to it more and look after it better. It’s the ONLY place you have to live!

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