7 Day Fatloss Challenge

Fancy a Fatloss Challenge before Christmas?
Try this for Just 1 Week….

The 717 Plan is really simple!
Everyday you limit yourself to –
7 grams of sugars
17 grams of starchy carbs and
Day 7 is your cheat day!

It’s a great way to break Carb cravings and give your Fatloss a brilliant boost.

You need to google your favourite ingredients that don’t come in a packet to measure the sugar and starch content.

Remember fruits and veg are all carbohydrates, they contain a balance of sugars and starches, so get a fat marker pen and write their values in BIG writing on the packaging so you know for sure how much you can use each day.

Fibrous veg – cabbage, spinach and all your cruciate veggies will fill you up and keep starches low.
Beware of root veg they are full of goodness BUT they bring mostly starches rather than sugars.

You will also restrict fruits – thin skinned berries might work better than Apricots or Dates for example while on this push. Obviously dried fruit will always trick you, just like fruit juice…. Not a good idea at any time, unless you mix it 50:50 with water or swap it for vitamin and fibre filled smoothies (not made from juice or concentrate).


To decide and plan what to eat on your cheat day go to my blog http://www.jaxallenfitness.com. You might decide to repeat the plan again, just make sure you get enough calories, continue your exercise to maintain your muscle and to GET ENOUGH PROTEIN!

Questions – by text to 07831 680087 or by email jaxallenfitness@gmail.com

Good Luck, let me know how you get on.

Jax x


Rock Hard Abs- at any age? Yes it is possible….
But probably not with the training you’re doing now

REASON #3: They Cause Wear & Tear on Your Spine and Neck


Crunches repeatedly flex and extend the spine, which is comprised of a series of interconnected small joints. Much like any piece of complicated machinery, the spinal discs are subject to wear and tear—in other words, they are only able to support a certain number of bending motions over the course of a lifetime.

Subjecting your discs to the excessive wear and tear of crunches can reduce their ‘shelf life’ and result in nerve damage, a disc bulge or herniation, all of which are difficult to treat.

The other problem with crunches is they encourage a breathe pattern that is unnatural and almost trains your body to relax your abs when you inhale? Not so good when you need to support your spine movements at ALL times no matter what your breath is doing.

If you have ever tried Pilates you’ll know how your abs feel after class and sometimes for days after – contracted. The other important thing in a Pilates or any other ab session is the shape of your spine…. I used to ask clients to keep ‘neutral spine’ but I prefer ‘normal’ spine now when training abs. That’s because when your spine is in it’s normal shape it’s safe because your back and abdominal muscle will work together.


Once in this ideal position, moving arms and legs will trigger deep muscles to fire just to keep your ‘normal’ spine. You can get a strong torso without straining your neck too. If you have a rounded upper back or difficulties with your neck or shoulders you can train abs with your head on the floor or supported with pillows.

So, there you have it – 3 very good reasons NEVER to do crunches ever again!

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Healthy Halloween Treats?

Halloween Treats – Better Choices
Carrot Fingers


The biggest issue with Halloween candy other than the obvious…sugar… is the high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). You should be aware of the dangers of sugar. You can bet that any product that contains high fructose corn syrup is a processed industrial food that is void of any nutrients. To increase health we want to seek whole, real, unprocessed foods that are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Tomb Stones

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If you still want to hand out candy here are some “better” choices free of the ingredients above.

Endangered Species individually wrapped chocolates
Yummy Gummy Candies
Annie’s Gummy Snacks
Trader Joe’s Organic Pops
Unreal candy
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

In the States these products are available in Whole Foods stores. I haven’t checked in the Cheltenham store yet – but I’m sure they have these or similar alternatives.

Happy Halloween

#2 Reason NEVER to do Crunches!

Rock Hard Abs- at any age? Yes it is possible….
But probably not with the training you’re doing now



Nerve damage is another potential consequence of too many crunches. The crunch movement puts an unhealthy strain on the back right at its weakest point, which coincidentally is the section that contains the most nerves.
Damage to this weak area of the spine can result in serious, chronic pain that can last a lifetime and inhibit mobility and flexibility.

I often meet well developed clients that find Core exercises almost impossible- in Yoga and Pilates your core works all the time to stabilise and support every movement you make. In my Fatloss Fitcamps core exercises are vital and effective part of sessions.

REASON #2: Nerve Damage is Another Potential Problem


Your core is made up of much more than just abdominal muscles. It’s the connection between shoulders and pelvis, it stabilises and controls the many movements of your spine. It’s important to work and develop the complete core – your back, hips and chest and of course your BUTT.

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#1 Reasons To Stop Doing Crunches

Rock Hard Abs- at any age? Yes it is possible….
But probably not with the training you’re doing now….


REASON #1: Crunches Only Work the Surface Muscles, Not The Deeper Core Muscles
This is a problem for two reasons. First, this creates an imbalance between weak and strong muscles with the most important muscles—the inner ones—being overlooked.

And while the outer muscles may look good, they do nothing to protect the stability or integrity of the spinal column. Additionally, strong outer muscles covering weak core muscles provide a false sense of security, significantly increasing the risk of back injury.


Do you know the one about the Body builder that bent over the basin to brush his teeth and his back gave in? Sounds silly but when your inner core doesn’t function it can be the slightest load that causes a nasty injury.

Secondly, our bodies are designed to work “most effectively” as a single unit of strength and power.
It is ALWAYS in our best interest to challenge our abdominal muscles with larger, more strenuous movements, minimizing our time with isolation exercises, resulting in the desired outcome…a chiseled and hardened exterior.

This type of approach, also known as working the chain, demands our network of ab muscles to generate far more power, burning more calories and creating a true balance of strength in all aspects of the abdominal wall.

The bonus is that you don’t have to diet so hard to obtain that impressive midsection. The most important requirement is consistency and forcing your abs to respond by fully engaging and developing all the muscles of your core at once, instead of just a few some of the time.

My Yoga, Pilates and Fitcamp sessions all include large, multi-muscle movements that fully engage your core which will guarantee the abs you deserve for the effort you put in!

So, don’t waste your workout time on crunches include multi-plane, multi-muscle exercises that are safer, more effective and Save Time too.

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Which Sugar Is OK?

Excessive Sugar, Even “Whole Food” Sugars

A pan of clean-eating brownies is a beautiful way to get in a treat every now and then, and a wonderful alternative to processed sweets, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call these recipes healthy. To me, the healthy label implies something you should be eating, can eat often, for the benefit of your health. Sugar is a treat, not an essential nutrient, and too much sugar in any form from maple syrup to honey is not beneficial to you. Decide yourself about Agave (shown to raise blood sugar as much as table sugar or honey) and Stevia or Truvia a no calorie vegatable sweetener that can be used just like regular cane or beet sugar.

Although a teaspoon or so of these sugars a day is probably fine, save the high-sugar recipes for your “every now and then” category to be enjoyed on special occasions


How Much Fat Should You Eat?

Excessive Calories From Fats

First of all, FATS ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU, before anyone jumps on me for being fat-phobic. They are essential and nutritious in the right amounts. But many recipe creators have taken the healthy fats concept and run with it in a sort of “loophole” direction, labeling recipes as healthy that contain upwards of 800-1000+ calories per serving. Yes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Typical recipes like this might contain a high amount of cheese, oil, avocado, bacon, or butter/nut butter. Fats are healthy and essential, but also must be kept in ratio with the rest of your diet to some degree, especially if your goal is fat loss.

Remember, the key to eating healthy fats is that a little bit goes a long way.