Aerobics : Anaerobics – The Pros & Cons…

Aerobics vs Anaerobics.


Just a few reasons why I don’t do long duration Cardio training- and haven’t for years now. I carry less body fat, don’t crave carbs after training, am much stronger and never wake up stiff and aching.

Aerobics: low to moderate intensity, no rests.

1. Teaches your body to burn muscle mass
2. Stimulates Cortisol- Encourages fat storage


3. Reduces your secondary sexual features – Men, you’ll lose your broad shoulders and deep voice. – Women, you’ll lose breast tissue and your curvy figure
4. Challenges good posture
5. High rate of injury due to high repetitions and impacts
6. Lowers your overall energy levels
7. Time consuming- 60 – 90 minutes, 5- 7 times a week
8. Can stimulate carb cravings


9. Hard to stick with due to the law of diminishing returns


Anaerobics: higher Intensity, intervals with rests.


1. Teaches your body to burn fat and build muscle
2. Increases your lung capacity.
3. Enhances secondary sexual features—builds a desirable, attractive figure


4. Low rate of injury
5. Raises energy levels—wipe out fatigue forever!
6. Can include essential resistance training


7. Time Efficient – 12 – 20 minutes, 3 – 4 times a week
8. Easy to stick with due to speedy noticeable results

Get off the cardio machines and move some weights about, grab the TRX handles swing, jump and squat- short bursts of exercise activity until you sweat, breathe hard and need your short rests – will turn your body composition around. GUARANTEED!