Dangerous DeHydration!

Water Weight & Dehydration
Do you sweat when you workout?
If you train Hard and Fast you will….
The trend, which is supported by more and more good science, for HIT, HIIT, MRT and MCT WILL LEAVE YOU A SWEATY MESS- if you put in the required effort!

Your muscles are 75% water, a loss of just 3% will cause a 10% drop in your Muscle Strength AND Speed!!
Your motor skills – power, co ordination, reaction time etc will all be affected.
Check these three things to see if your are properly hydrated
1. Pee Test – check the colour of your first pee post workout

2. Time between Workout and first pee
It should be less than 45mins

3. Weigh before your workout and again directly after
You should lose no more than 2% of your body weight. If you do take immediate steps to correct this and aim to replace 125-150% of the deficit within 2-4 hours post exercise.

So what’s the best way to do that?
– Studies show very mixed results with hypertonic drinks. They are often expensive and taste odd! Unless they’re full of sweeteners and flavours (Yuk)
You can make it at home 50:50 fruit juice and water with pinch of salt per litre. (Use Iodised salt)
– carbs like fruit and vegetables are up to 90% water by weight
(1 part glucose : 9 parts H2O)

Studies with endurance athletes showed Milk to be a great hydrator and post exercise recovery food. It has high water content and a good blend of carbs (milk sugar) fats and protein (whey & casein).
However you do it- Stay Hydrated- you will struggle to lose fat otherwise, your performance will drop off and recovery will take much longer.

Eat Clean, Train Hard, Expect Great Results.