Why You Must Not Eat Processed Foods!

Processed Food Ingredients

Oh the disappointment when I spot a deliciously appetizing recipe that is labeled healthy, follow the link, and find that indeed, it was too good to be true. Usually the offending ingredient is a can of processed soup, artificial sweetener, a white tortilla or bun, a processed cheese, cold cuts or meats full of nitrites, packaged crescent dough, etc. It seems that this stems from the “old school” mentality that food is healthy if it helps you to lose weight or is low in calories, no matter where the food comes from.

Processed food is terrible for you and has no place in a healthy diet. The additives and chemicals in these food-like products are proving to be more and more addictive, cancer-causing, and one of the major culprits behind the sickness and obesity epidemic in our country. You will be doing your body a huge favor by leaving these ingredients out as often as you possibly can.