Which Sugar Is OK?

Excessive Sugar, Even “Whole Food” Sugars

A pan of clean-eating brownies is a beautiful way to get in a treat every now and then, and a wonderful alternative to processed sweets, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call these recipes healthy. To me, the healthy label implies something you should be eating, can eat often, for the benefit of your health. Sugar is a treat, not an essential nutrient, and too much sugar in any form from maple syrup to honey is not beneficial to you. Decide yourself about Agave (shown to raise blood sugar as much as table sugar or honey) and Stevia or Truvia a no calorie vegatable sweetener that can be used just like regular cane or beet sugar.

Although a teaspoon or so of these sugars a day is probably fine, save the high-sugar recipes for your “every now and then” category to be enjoyed on special occasions