#1 Reasons To Stop Doing Crunches

Rock Hard Abs- at any age? Yes it is possible….
But probably not with the training you’re doing now….


REASON #1: Crunches Only Work the Surface Muscles, Not The Deeper Core Muscles
This is a problem for two reasons. First, this creates an imbalance between weak and strong muscles with the most important muscles—the inner ones—being overlooked.

And while the outer muscles may look good, they do nothing to protect the stability or integrity of the spinal column. Additionally, strong outer muscles covering weak core muscles provide a false sense of security, significantly increasing the risk of back injury.


Do you know the one about the Body builder that bent over the basin to brush his teeth and his back gave in? Sounds silly but when your inner core doesn’t function it can be the slightest load that causes a nasty injury.

Secondly, our bodies are designed to work “most effectively” as a single unit of strength and power.
It is ALWAYS in our best interest to challenge our abdominal muscles with larger, more strenuous movements, minimizing our time with isolation exercises, resulting in the desired outcome…a chiseled and hardened exterior.

This type of approach, also known as working the chain, demands our network of ab muscles to generate far more power, burning more calories and creating a true balance of strength in all aspects of the abdominal wall.

The bonus is that you don’t have to diet so hard to obtain that impressive midsection. The most important requirement is consistency and forcing your abs to respond by fully engaging and developing all the muscles of your core at once, instead of just a few some of the time.

My Yoga, Pilates and Fitcamp sessions all include large, multi-muscle movements that fully engage your core which will guarantee the abs you deserve for the effort you put in!

So, don’t waste your workout time on crunches include multi-plane, multi-muscle exercises that are safer, more effective and Save Time too.

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