7 Day Fatloss Challenge

Fancy a Fatloss Challenge before Christmas?
Try this for Just 1 Week….

The 717 Plan is really simple!
Everyday you limit yourself to –
7 grams of sugars
17 grams of starchy carbs and
Day 7 is your cheat day!

It’s a great way to break Carb cravings and give your Fatloss a brilliant boost.

You need to google your favourite ingredients that don’t come in a packet to measure the sugar and starch content.

Remember fruits and veg are all carbohydrates, they contain a balance of sugars and starches, so get a fat marker pen and write their values in BIG writing on the packaging so you know for sure how much you can use each day.

Fibrous veg – cabbage, spinach and all your cruciate veggies will fill you up and keep starches low.
Beware of root veg they are full of goodness BUT they bring mostly starches rather than sugars.

You will also restrict fruits – thin skinned berries might work better than Apricots or Dates for example while on this push. Obviously dried fruit will always trick you, just like fruit juice…. Not a good idea at any time, unless you mix it 50:50 with water or swap it for vitamin and fibre filled smoothies (not made from juice or concentrate).


To decide and plan what to eat on your cheat day go to my blog http://www.jaxallenfitness.com. You might decide to repeat the plan again, just make sure you get enough calories, continue your exercise to maintain your muscle and to GET ENOUGH PROTEIN!

Questions – by text to 07831 680087 or by email jaxallenfitness@gmail.com

Good Luck, let me know how you get on.

Jax x